Internet Always with You All with Indirect ADSL Available Vodafone

Almost a year ago that Vodafone He launched their combined with mobile internet fixed ADSL an optional fixed-mobile and in June reinforced this offer by launching the service Internet always with you that also allows to navigate in mobility by a single price per month.

The problem with this offer was that it was only available to customers who have direct coverage of Vodafone ADSL but starting from the 21 August the offer will be extended to almost the entire population (in particular to 90% of the population being out only rural areas or those stations where still nobody has ADSL) since Vodafone will start offering the service through the fixed network telephone thanks to new indirect ADSL.

Best of all is that the prices and service available discounts will be the same for direct ADSL customers both indirect and the only thing that will change will be the access speed more Vodafone ADSL maximum speed will be offered to 12 Mbps 10Mbps with indirect coverage with direct coverage While ADSL “ normal ” will be offered to 6Mbps direct or indirect 3Mbps.

Thus, the final price of the service (without additives of any kind since) There is no line fee) will be of 29.90 euros/month for normal 6-3 Mbps ADSL or 34.90 euros per month for ADSL Max 12-10 Mbps speed. In addition, you can optionally add other benefits: * have a landline at home with calls number free calls to national for 5 euros more a month.
* Enjoy wherever you are from Mobile Internet by 19.10 euros more a month thanks to Internet always with you.
* Get a 15 euros/month discount forever also hire a voice flat rate.