Interview Question and Answer

42 YEARS, str. 48-50

Which brand is your favorite?
Chanel. Chanel was back in time after the First World War, when Coco Chanel was the standard-bearer for casual chic and a more sporty casual look.

Your sore spot?
My sore spot was my upper arms for many years. But it is over now after the last summer. My stomach is a challenge. It means that I really need to be aware, for example, when buying pants.

Your best point?
Eyes, legs and tits

What do you buy again and again?
Striped shirts. They are for me equal with Sun and summer, beach and water. I will be in such a good mood of stripes. 

What would you like to spend a lot of money on?
Underwear is the answer in both categories. I’m a girl so the cotton panties are concerned much.

Who is your style icon?
My mother. Because she has taught me to do my best with my attire, and that the small detail makes the big difference in the form of jewelry, a scarf or a brooch.

Your favorite accessory?
Scarves and colored tights. The two things can be simply more elegant everything up even on a bad day.

Your favorite color?
Red and pink

You favorite perfume?
Chanel no 5. It’s a classic that can be used for both everyday and festive.