Invest In Look Black And White And Set The Tone Of The Season!

Total black or white total. These are choices when it comes to dress well and without fear of making mistakes. Imagine then blend them in a single look. The black and white duo is the perfect combination, a fashion classic, always timeless. The mixture is elegant and has a hint of sophistication. If you are in doubt of what to use, the tip is: combine black and white. And there’s no crisis. It is very easy to make this double, both with flat pieces as printed. We have selected some examples to inspire you this fall/winter 2016.


Graphic prints help reinvent the classic PB and still give bossa to visual. Add to this a dash of color and let even more modern style. In the case of this cotton sweater. A must!

PoÁ And Stripes

The version of the black and white mix in POA or stripes is a good choice for creating casual looks for day to day, as in the case of POA dress with retro footprint, or even more daring, striped pencil skirt. You find the dress here. See more details of this link.


If the choice is for a set of white and black smooth, invest in a play that so bring some detail. Uneven cutouts, fringes, lace give a touch more stripped to look. See here.

Urban Twist

The combination PB is one of the most versatile, with ideas of clothes for day and for night. Some patterns are still cosmopolitan, like chess, with more urban footprint. See here.


The interesting thing about this pair of contrasts is that in addition to style, the set can also be functional. How about this tip? Use black to disguise and white to enhance any area of your body. Chic and the extent. Seehere.

Knitting parts are the must of this autumn/winter. Here check out the tips to use and stay warm.