Japanese Fashion Kogal

(These girls include also the Gal Mama: what are the Kogaru, but they are mothers). These young girls, by an eccentric and original look, intend to challenge the Japanese conventional rules. It’s a way of expressing their sick to a company where the woman remains still subject.

They are considered as Fashion Victims, their ‘bible’ could be the EGG, especially for the Ganguros magazine. Their neighborhood by excellence is Shibuya, especially the Tower Shibuya 109. Some go as far as making the ‘luxury prostitution’ to buy the latest clothes in fashion. For the rest, their image is that of a frank and outgoing girl.

Level look, they are attracted by sequined accessories, flowers, in clear tones, the platform shoes, in short everything that can give a side summer…
Most of these girls practice Para Para, very popular dance in the Japan: a choreography quite complex (but amusing) is attributed to each song, often of the eurobeat.

Shirogyaru / Ganjiro

I didn’t really know this term and I met him twice on the canvas, the only information that is given on this category of young girls is that they make a maximum to save the whiteness of their skin.


‘Gan’ means face and “Goro” means black: they have the Konwai (color wheat) complexion thanks to UV and light brown hair.

They bring out their complexion by a clear makeup but discreet (for the eyelids and very light pink white to the lips), and colorful and very trendy clothes.

They are followers of the accessories to flowers that reinforce this somewhat summer look. For the most famous, one little quote Ayumi Hamasaki, Japanese singer and Namie Amuro.

The Ganguros are the most encountered Kogaryu type. It is especially these young girls who wear some Loose Socks with their uniforms, but the part about these famous socks to wait even a few episodes? Patience 😉


‘Gon’ means ‘More’: the face is still more bronze than the Ganguros, and heavier makeup in order better to ‘value’ Tan. Their hair is often very bleached (in blond tones).

Their wardrobe is influenced by three “movements” mode popular in the land of the rising sun:

The wedge boots, hair extensions, very colorful clothes, nail art, and all the gadgets that we tend to dazzle us.
Color lenses, and color blonde hair, from the look of California “Beach Bunny” (rather a stereotype than a fad)
Tanning and make-up, from the Hip-Hop culture.

This look may at first look like an American copy: that nenni! Their interest in American fashion manifests itself less and less, and instead, young Japanese are looking much more to reflect a very creative image of their country.

< < < Small catch… The man Gonguro…

Yamanba (or Manba)

These are extreme Gonguro whose skin turns black, and their hair is discolored in the extreme: they have a white or silver hair for most. The side makeup, we can also find the black liner, added to what has already been stated.

The top 10 of the best accessories to a Yamanba:

: Winnie the Pooh
: Stickers
: All things pink
: Extensions (for hair)
: White lipstick
: Very clear eye shadows
: Foundation version Ganguro
: The white platform shoes
: False lashes
: False nails

B Gal

I have not a lot of information on its Kogaryu, what is certain, is that this term refers to young women interested in fashion hip hop / R & B
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: And do not forget the manga Gals-Mihona Fujii!