Japanese Kimono Dress Information

I got to really wake up to the kimono last fall and have happy spent the short version over the summer.

Kimono is still at the forefront of fashion. This season I have cast their eyes on the long version, which is even more useful than its short cousin, since it is perfect for both everyday and festive.

And so are the several ways in good shape.

Kimono, up to size L, 499.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

Although the kimono is loose in the average, giving the long-version in open mode a long line to your body that makes you appear taller. And then I found out that that kimono with a belt at the waist can transport smog riffes into a dress that’s going to remind you of a wrap around dress. It highlights your figure and gives a beautiful v-neckline. The carving get your throat to sight anymore and is really good for women with big breasts because it “opens” the upper body, so you look less square out.

The long kimono will be for me a safe festhit in both open and closed state, and at the same time, I also come to use it usually because it with its simple cut adds a classic touch to everyday vehicle. Here I have the on to the soft trousers, but it is also absolutely perfect along with a pair of jeans. In this context, you can look down with a pair of sneakers ddress or do look a little more festive with a pair of high heels.

Color cheats a little on the images, but as you can see on it in the middle is actually Midnight Blue – a color that is a good alternative to the classic black.


Fringe, up to size 52, 399 USD + shipping, Ellös Collection

Flowers, up to size 56/58, Melissa McCarthy Seven7 at Evans

MIX with Gray, Dresses up to size 54, 782 USD + shipping, Samoon with Navabi

Blue print, up to size 50, ca. 749 USD + shipping, Booth

Print, up to size 54, ca. 555 USD + shipping, Elvi

Jeans, Pants up to size 54 , 799 USD + shipping, carmakoma

Soft trousers, up to size 56, ca. 299,17 DKK, ASOS Curve


High, size 35 to 41, ca. 1120 USD + shipping, Geox

Sneakers, size 36 to 40, 875 USD + shipping, and other Stories

Elastic belt, up to size 54/56, about 80 us $. + shipping, Yours

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