Jeans, Espadrille and Espadrilles Shoes

It is no news that jeans is a classic that goes beyond centuries, made to please all tastes and pockets, the texture created around the year 1792 in France, is an absolute success in the wardrobes of men and women around of the world.

The versatility of the fabric is so popularized that it obliges each new season to repopulate the old trend.

And this time it was no different, the jeans fashion went even further and finished texturizing shoes. The simple models that already exist in the market are of new face and give a super up in simpler visuals.

Even with a super casual footprint, jeans shoes, espadrilles and espadrilles in the same texture, transform your unpretentious, super versatile look into something that adds style, comfort and beauty always running away from the basics!

The following is a super cool guide, with 25 photos of different compositions of looks, super stylish.I’m sure you’ll love it!

How to wear a sneaker:Looks

The sneakers, besides being comfortable, give a super charming look to any composition.

They combine a lot with stripped-down jeans and a T-shirt and make it fun with skirts and shorts.

The main rule when it comes to putting on a good jeans sneaker look is to keep an eye on the choice of the pieces.

Always opt for colder colors, so you’ll get a discreet and informal look for day-to-day.

If you want to dare, with a more cheerful production, always remember to choose only one color piece for the look , not to weigh too much in the visual.


If after these 10 looks in jeans, you are still in doubt how to choose a model that is beyond beautiful, ideal for your style?We’ll help you!


Moccasin style jeans are also a super beautiful option, which can leave your look with a super stylish and “straight” look at the same time.

They look great on shirt and jeans looks!


The prints give a super relaxed air to the look, look wonderful with dresses, smooth skirts of light and fluid fabrics.

The main tip when setting up combinations is to choose pieces in neutral colors and leave the final detail for the sneaker , which will draw quite the attention.

With moorings

Sneakers and moorings are super high , the model looks beautiful with shorts and skirts, giving a charm to the look.

According to fashion experts, the care should be redoubled if you do not want to give evidence to the ankles, the moorings tend to give rise impression, which may disfavor the silhouette.

See two beautiful options below sneakers inspired by espadrilles.

With spikes

The jeans model with spikes is everything, these tacks called “spikes” give a super differential and fall very well with looks more stripped.

If you have a more daring style and like to play tricks, this is the right model for you!

Espadrille Jeans

The espadrilles could not be left out when talking about trends in textured jeans shoes.

The model that is darling among the famous, has an anabela jump rope, the neutral tone of the jump, combines much with basic and casual productions, super the face of summer.

The ankle straps are the most beautiful detail of this option.Here are some cool proposals with the model!

Jeans espadrilles

Well if you got here you must be wondering what are the espadrilles and what is the difference between them for the sneakers, is not it?

Although they have a very similar resemblance, espadrilles has a differential.

The material from which they are made varies from canvas to even the jeans themselves, which gives a more “sheer” finish to the model.

The instep is almost completely covered, behaving well casual looks.

As such, espadrilles are reputed to be more comfortable than the sneakers themselves, which usually shape the feet well and have a firm finish.

The main tip at the time of composing a production with the espadrilles, is to be aware that the model goes super well in its production, since for extremely informal occasions.Combined?

Ufa!There were lots of tips and templates did not you?Now it’s easier to choose an option that fits your style!

Build your look and then tell us about it here in the comments! I’m sure your production will look amazing!