Jeans for Apple Shaped Body Types

sometimes it can seem as though there are so many different types of jeans, washing, nuances and detail that it may be more than difficult to understand what you should go for – and you have to manage around it. And perhaps that is why, to you, when you have finally found a pair of jeans that make it they must, rarely throws you over something new. It is too bad – with tanks on all the cool, new jeans that show up on the shelves each season.

High or low waist?
It is almost a matter of religion – but the high waist is a huge bonus for those of us who would like to have something that keeps the stomach inside and tightens the side legs up a bit high-waisted jeans are simply a few built-in shapewear – and matches really well, if you must have a belt around the waist. Conversely, the low-hanging a little more young and sexy in the – especially for you who would like to highlight your buttocks and hips instead of having the focus on the waist, which will not be as prevalent in low-hanging jeans. On the way you have to experiment and find out what you have the best in.

Together with Zizzi, which have a very large selection of both seasonal and perpetual plus size jeans, we have set ourselves in order to guide you to the best wash, cut and detail to your figure. See below for.

2. Turn the

Always your jeans inside out, when you wash them. May otherwise the hard machine wash give white stripes in denim fabric-something that particularly marring the dark, plain flavors.

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Sagten get laid jeans up without having to renege on the obese, worn nail at the bottom. Ask the tailor to cut by as close to the stitching as possible, so he or she can put decommissioning the seam in the existing sewing. Please note that this is best possible in relatively straight jeans, or when they do not have to be really very up.

Diagonal shadows pulls the eye inward and up and down at the same time. It helps to give more form on your legs, while at the same time comes to seem narrower. The diagonal details can both be stitching (above left) or embossing in the sink (right) – but they have the same beneficial effect. In addition, you can keep looking for diagonal lines on both skinny and more know jeans, but they will rarely have the effect on jeans with some wide leg, as they run counter to the narrow, shaped look.

Jeans in slim fit high waist, up to size 52, available in two leg lengths, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi
Jeans with a little distance and high-waist, up to size 54, available in four leg lengths, 199.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi (sale)

If you would like to look as if you have longer legs than you really have (I know that I at least would like to), then there are several solutions. One is to choose a few plain, dark jeans (as above to the left) and then combine with a pair of shoes or boots in the same or almost the same dark hue. It gets legs and feet to go out in a, which visually extends the rods. Would you like to have lighter jeans, check out just what the two washed fields on each leg above (right) makes the – they get for looking to move it between the upper and lower washing field, and it is with the ruses to imitate longer legs.

Jeans in extra slim fit high waist, up to size 56, available in two leg lengths, 699.95 DKK, Zizzi
Jeans in extra slim fit with low waist, up to size 54, 699.95 KR.,


It may well be that it is the oldest tricks in the book, but it does not change the denim that it works: Washed fields in the middle of the thighs is to get your thighs to look narrower. It happens, because it will be the darker edges that define your silhouette, and because the bright fields pulls the edges slightly inward, pulling it also lårenes width inward.

Jeans with regular fit and high-waist, up to size 52, available in two leg lengths, 599.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi
Jeans slim fit and with low waist, up to size 54, 450 USD + shipping, Zizzi (sale)

If you belong to one of the women, where the lower body would manage to fill up a little more for balancing your upper body, so keep an eye out for jeans by these two types of – coated, slightly shiny jeans or those with patterns. Both parts are included to highlight the rundinger that you have, so they are the ones people see. And as you look at the polka dot, is the low-hanging jeans, but with a very wide waistband – something that is helping to keep the stomach in place, like the high-waisted models make.

Jeans in coated material with high waist, up to size 52, available in two leg lengths, 499.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi
In dotted denim jeans with low waist, up to size 54, available in two leg lengths, 699.95 KR.,


A really brilliant detail to make the side seam is wider – either by making an extra stitch or maybe put another material. It gets the entire leg, and thus the entire lower part of the body to appear narrower, because trouser legs visually will be significantly narrower. Combined with a smallende sink and vertical wear fields as above, then you get a pair of jeans, the slimmer your legs as much as humanly possible.

Jeans with lower waist, up to size 52, available in two leg lengths, 799.95 DKK, Zizzi

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