Jennifer Hudson Plus Size Clothes

In connection with celebrity week here at Curves Ahead, Camilla and I scoured the various picture agencies to find so many plus size-celebrity women as possible. Let it be said right away – there are not many.
On the other hand, there is a share examples of women who filled more of the landscape, as they initially were known, but which quickly threw a lot of kilos. For example, the singer and actress Jennifer Hudson and the model and author Sophie Dahl, who both created the huge headlines when they came forward – and then hastened to throw the kinds that actually dressed them so beautifully.

Jennifer Hudson was initially known in American Idol 2004, but was voted off. Three years later, she won an Oscar for her debut in Dreamgirls. Then she went on a hardcore dieting to lose weight – and hardly to know today. The last photo of from Oscar Awards 2013.

We missing plus size role models
It is perhaps understandable, with the focus as many celebritymedier have on just the women’s weight and appearance; they will be immediately pilloried if they take a bit on (just think of Christina Aguilera). In addition, it is extremely rare plus size-the stars that get the lucrative contracts with cosmetic, skin care, perfume-and hårprodukt companies. And with the amount of pictures, women are confronted with, it must require a special psyche not to be affected by it.
But on Curves Ahead, where we’d give plus size-women role models and stylish woman characters, we can mirrors us in, it is an unnerving experience to see how quickly some of these curvy women have with put distance to it, they were. The who became famous. The one that made headlines. Because if there is something, we plus size-women would like to, it is to be considered as ordinary women. Not a particular, not some special considerations should be taken into account. And no matter how we look at it, so it has great significance, there are also plus size-women in stores, on magazine covers, on movie posters, album covers, on tv and all the other places known women appear. The more plus size-women who are in the public image, the less we will be seen as nothing more than ‘ just ‘ women.

It is just one of the reasons why we are wild with Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, Amber Riley, Aidy Bryant, Gabourey Sidibe and the few other known plus size-women, we regularly shows on Curves Ahead. For they have courage enough to let their talent speak for itself – in an industry that so quibbles ‘ perfect bodies ‘. Sometimes it’s almost as if it means more than the talent …

For example, was Jennifer Aniston told to lose weight (and we’re talking maybe five kilos), if she would have the role of Rachel in the television series Friends. When you see the first episodes of the series, we know that she has never been near to being plus size, and it is hard to imagine that anyone else could have played the role. But it could have been a different, if Jennifer Aniston had maintained that she did not want to lose weight five kilograms.

Sophie Dahl was dubbed ‘ the world’s first plus size-super model ‘, when she struck through in 1997. Over the years, she has, however, thrown the weight, which gave her just the curves that made that she stood out on fashion magasinernes glossy pages.

Plus size-women as stupid pigs
There is no doubt that it’s the comedy that is the way into the industry for the known plus size-women. The world can manifest only find out by looking at the thick women, when it is for fun. Therefore, it is the last step that plus size-the stars breaks the line between comedy and drama.

We look forward to a romantic drama in which there is a plus size woman in the lead role – and not in the role as the sympathetic friend. We look forward to that mainstream culture shows plus size-women like them, we in fact are: ordinary women who both can be funny, serious, fell in love with and some men fall in love with. We may be stupid pigs, successful, irritating, charming and everything else, as women can be. Regardless of their size.