The jewelry for Valentine’s day are a thorny subject since we all know that on 14 February is a commercial holiday and lovers should not celebrate only one day a year, blah blah blah blah. The truth, however, is that all pleased to receive a gift, its romantic and idealistic and materialistic, reactionary and progressive, not. We accept only official denials, though!

And you know what is the real tragedy? That jewelry gift ideas for Valentine’s day are scarce and not just to you.

I was walking in the streets of the capital, already hoping to admire shop Windows set up for the occasion. And yet nothing!


Oh well, putting disappointment, we come to serious issues.

The first gift that normally is associated with Valentine’s day is a ring with diamonds, unnecessary lie.

To help you in your choice, remember my signs to choose from a solitaire diamond ?Perfect, now it’s up to you to follow my tips for shopping, you have no excuse!

Jewelry for Valentine’s day: the heart

However, if you want to orient yourself toward jewelry for Valentine’s day, I have identified for you 10 gift ideas for every budget via

The protagonist is the reason of the heart, just to stay on topic. And since I know that among you there are many brand-victim (do not despair, you can heal!), I opted for the creations of famous brands, so you can have your desired signature box-don’t complain about the price though-and find them easily enough in your town.

The gift idea within 300 euro

In case your budget is of maximum 300 euro, I selected 5 jewelry for Valentine’s day to choose your gift.

By Tiffany I found 2 interesting proposals: the heart ring in Sterling Silver (€ 250), designed by Paloma Picasso with a feature cast iron railings on the Windows reminiscent of Venice.

Always by Tiffany jewels Valentine’s day there might be a heart pendant Tiffany Jazz ™line in silver (£ 220), also with a tunnel and inspired cancelled of the nineteenth century.

King Charles has launched its Whiskers Fresh, either all in Gold 9 kt (€ 120), both with a small sprinkle of 0.05 ct. ($339).

You can also wear more than one ring (very thin) and of different colors, but I would opt for the yellow or white gold: despite being a colored background, nice idea seems to move away from the concept of jewelry.

For lovers of Trollbeads, Valentine’s day could be an opportunity to give beads on the theme of love in sterling silver and glass (from € 28) coupled with a rigid bracelet in Silver (€108).

Queriot, a pretty young brand (2010) who tries to apply the principles of silver jewelry for Valentine’s day has achieved a silver Bangle (£ 90) you can match with a Coin Civita,in particular the pendant I Love you (€ 130) won a position among the jewels of Valentine’s day.

For the record, there is also a coin Civita for single (I love myself), but that’s another story.

A jewel within 500 euros

If you want to choose among the jewelry for Valentine’s day that cost within 500 euros have a few gift ideas for you.

Salvini in Minimal collection offers a pair of drop earrings with two small hearts in pink and white gold and diamond on lobo ($531). It’s really very simple line jewel u, but suitable for anyone who loves showing off brand wearing (the “S” is stamped on the heart outside).

For fans of DoDo -not yet endangered species, unlike the animal namesake– there is the 100% Love collection.

The creations are gold colored synthetic stones and not 9 kt, with heart-shaped (from € 300 and up).

The Valentine’s day gift over € 500

If you plan to spend on Valentine’s day jewelry to give away more than 500 euro, I have 3 ideas for you.

Cartier uses the heart motif in his Trinity bracelet white gold, pink and yellow (£ 1,200).Then, the red box Watch is always a pretty sight, mind you. This bracelet is a very delicate jewel –also in terms of size–but if you want to spend more DIBs to accompany you to choose a creation more important. Something we will find, don’t worry!

Chopard uses the motif of the heart in its line of rings Happy Diamonds 18 kt golddiamond pieces furniture (from about 3000 euros and up). Personally I really like theversion of Chopard with yellow, pink and white gold 3 hearts.

Pasquale Bruni, while not using hearts, has a C ollection Love, marked clearly on the yellow, pink and white 18 kt gold, also with bright (jewelry from about 1000 euros and up).

Rest assured, if your gift is not among these my proposals, you will still be appreciated.The important thing is that you do so, we clear?