Jewelry:All the Personal Gift Versions

Jewelery is still one of the most popular gift categories ever, whether for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary, for mommy, the best girlfriend or the adored – especially women’s eyes get this very special glow when the gift wrapping is solved Piece of jewelry. When giving presents, however, you should not decide for simply “any” jewelry, who would like to give the gift a personal touch, should make a very personal selection. Different possibilities and variants are possible.

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The classic: the heart chain

Not just since “Titanic”, the tragic film Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio – and the marvelous blue, heart-shaped diamond called “The Heart of the Ocean” that Rose lets slip into the sea – chains in the heart shape are among the absolute classics among jewelery gifts.Whoever wants to make a special pleasure for his loved ones – and to express his love, should choose a model in which the pendant is shaped as a heart-shaped, colored gemstone .A red jewel is a classic for eternal love, while models in amber or blue may be somewhat more timeless.As a gift for mommy or a dear friend, on the other hand, more graceful chains with pendants in silver or gold are suitable, too, on a very long chain, which is great to wear shirts and shirt dresses.

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Again in fashion: letter jewelery

For a time this trend had disappeared from the scene, now he returns:jewelery, with which a literal message can be delivered.Individual letter pendants, which adorn the initial letter of the recipient, are rather classic and suitable for all age groups. However, if you really want to go with the trend, topb2bwebsites recommends you to wear dice-shaped elements on which letters have been printed, which can be combined with a necklace or a bracelet to form a message, especially sayings like “I love You” “You & I”, “Faith, Love, Hope” or even just name.However, you should pay attention that the message does not include too many letters, so that all the trailers will find space on the tape.Such chains and bracelets are particularly popular with young girls and women.Photo:

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