JJRC H37 Elfie Test Comparison Review

The Jjrc H37 Elfie  Is A Selfie Quadrocopter From The House Of Jjrc.Equipped With Gyroscope, Barometer, Led Lights And One Swivelable Fpv Camera Promises The Jjrc Elfie Mighty Flight Fun. Waiting For The Quadrocopter With A Compact Pocket Size. Whether It Is Worth To Buy And Where To Find Pros And Cons Of Selfie Drone Lying, Clarify We In Article.

Foldable Selfie Drone With Foldable Outriggers

Foldable self-drones have long been a favorite dream for many pilots.In the meantime, there are a large number of such quadrocopters-with foldable designs, the manufacturers promise particularly portable aircrafts to be able to quickly and comfortably take aerial photographs. With the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Innovations has  undoubtedly managed to achieve such a flying device with all sorts of good features, which, however, is well above the one-thousand-euro limit and is particularly unsuitable for children and young people according to rctoysadvice. Analternative to the DJI Mavic Pro could be JJRC with the H37 Elfie in the assortment: The Quadrocopter also has foldable booms, 6-axis gyroscope as well as a photo and video function. The mini-quadrocopter can be transported comfortably in the boot pocket, thanks to dimensions of only 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 centimeters – almost as is possible with the DJI Mavic Pro. The JJRC Elfie, which is around 50, -Euro, can not compete with the 1.199 Euro DJI Mavic Pro. The folding mechanism of the brackets alone gives a shaky and not necessarily long-lasting impression. This also applies to the plastic housing or the highly flexible propellers. Scope of delivery: Quadrocopter, battery (500 mAh), USB charger, spare propeller (4x), transport bag.

Jjrc H37 With Integrated Altimeter

In terms of flight performance and flight stability, the JJRC H37 is also not comparable to the DJI Mavic Pro or other high-quality comrades.Rather, the  JJRC H37 “Elfie” Quadrocopter is a typical representative of the fun and toy drones. The flight functions are largely limited to a flip and roll function as well as a headless mode, the latter being a slightly modified form of the return to home and making flights in the direction of the departure point somewhat simpler. A follow-me mode or the like is completely absent. In addition, the toy or fun drone is missing on GPS, ultrasonic sensors and similar sensors – only an integrated gyroscope and a barometer are on board. The height can be maintained by the JJRC H37 thanks to the altimeter hold function, which puts it in a very positive light compared to other mini drones.The JJRC H37 does not require the constant countersteering or adjustment of the height-as is necessary with most cheap mini drones. The Elfie Quadrocopter of JJRC drifts quickly in strong wind conditions. If you have a little practice, you can control the JJRC H37 Elfie like any other toy drone quickly and intuitively. Helpful and cool are the LED lights integrated in the front, which radiate a surprisingly bright light and underline the cool look of the mini-quadrocopter.

Mart Phone Control

The control of the JJRC H37 is implemented by means of a smartphone app-a physical remote control is not included in the scope of delivery, but the Quadrocopter has an integrated WiFi module that offers a range of up to 40 meters. The connection to the app is stable and quite reliable-only the user interface of the app is extremely unclear and optically not particularly comfortable. A German-speaking interface or explanations for the individual flight functions is looked for in the app in vain. The virtual joysticks or control buttons on the smartphone display react appropriately and commands are quickly converted into flight maneuvers. At the same time, the Quadrocopter reacts to tipping and tilting movements of the smartphone, as is known, for example, by mini-drones from Parrot. The JJRC H37 also offers an FPV function so that the camera image is transmitted directly from the Quadrocopter to the smartphone. The flight time of the Quadrocopter is approximately seven minutes, the charging time of the 500 mAh battery is adequately dimensioned with 120 minutes.

The FPV picture offers an adequate, but not very high-quality quality, given the low acquisition costs. The JJRC H37 has to live with high delays and a strong image pressure. This also applies to the not very good resolution of photos and videos. The app also shows the battery status as well as the selection buttons for the photo or video recording. All in all, a total package, which includes rudimentary functions-and was implemented quite carelessly.

Conclusion And Rating

The JJRC H37 offers two advantages over most of the typical mini or nano drones: it has folding booms and an integrated barometer. This makes the Quadrocopter not only easier to transport, but also to control. Otherwise, the material, flight or even image quality is adequate, after all, the JJRC H37 “Elfie” costs less than 50, -Euro.Much hope can not be expected-and an alternative to the DJI Mavic Pro is the foldable Quadrocopter certainly not.