Kaloer – the Conceptual Clock for Android

A few years ago, I was attending a lecture by a friend about visual expression, decoration and aspects related to architecture.At that point he ended his intervention, in front of his students saying “Whatever you do, do with class and personality.”This is the application that I leave for Android.

Who designed this application took such care, present an application with class and personality.

Kaloer Clock is a useful night watch for Android. Its structure, which takes advantage of the generous screens of smartphones, features an elegant clock that can put in a highlight of your room to give you all the information you need.

You can wake it up to the sound of your playlist that will wake you up gently … or with a great pedal !!! The wake-up function features an advanced alarm clock model, highly configurable but easy to understand. The set, clock and alarm clock, form an elegant and useful application.

Kaloer Clock has lots of “customizable” functions and is free for users on Android’s Matket.

I leave here some functions in summary:

  • Touch the screen and you will be told the time, excuse to look at the screen
  • Shows an SMS message indicator icon by reading
  • The clock brightness can be adjusted in a range between 1 and 100
  • Adjust whether the application is fullscreen or not
  • Set the orientation of the screen, whether you want it vertically or horizontally, or if you really want to use the orientation sensor and it will do the service itself
  • The application boots automatically as soon as the smartphone is connected to power. But you can set the time you want the clock to be activated.)
  • Seven different skins