Know your tights and choose wisely

As you probably already know, is a pair of pantyhose is not just a pair of pantyhose. There are a multitude of things to consider when you go on the hunt for a pantyhose, which must meet a specific need, whether it’s for everyday or party.

Here you will be smarter, so you can take a conscious choice, next time you buy socks.

Denier, also abbreviated as it is an expression of how much threads as stockings are made of, considering.
1 denier means that nine kilometres from threads weighs one gram. 2 denier means that nine kilometres from threads weigh two grams and so forth.
Therefore, says denier much about how close the sock is. The lower the denier, the more transparent are the stockings.

Opaque – transparency
With regard to transparency, you must also know the word opaque.
Opaque means that you cannot see through. Translated into GART language it means, that you cannot see your skin through a pair of opaque-stockings. Will be stockings there against referred to as semi-opaque will your skin shine a little through.

Denier and transparency

Stockings with respectively 10 and 80 denierOp to 15 denier – very transparent
You should go for if you want the “invisible” pantyhose on. Here, you should be aware that the stockings are very fragile and easily broken. Therefore, you must be very careful when you take them on, because long nails easily rips hole in the stockings. There is also very easy extraction in stockings, if they come into contact with for example a ru chair legs.
For when you truly don’t need socks but would like to “hide” your legs for example in order to get an even skin tone.

15 to 30 denier – transparent
This number of denier is what is being described as the classic number. With this number of denier, one can see that you have pantyhose on, when your skin shines through. Although these stockings are thin, they are considerably more durable than stockings described above. But you still need to be careful when you take them on.
This is the perfect party stocking. The black stump is the classic choice, but it is also where you can play with different patterns and colors as part of the accessory for your party outfit.

30 to 40 denier – close
This type of stockings are often described as semi-opaque. They are much closer, but your skin will still be slightly visible through the stockings. These stockings are significantly more durable than stockings under 30 denier
The perfect stocking for vintage between summer and

efteråer, and vice versa.

40 denier or more – very close
These stockings are also under designation opaque, because you can’t see skin through the stockings. At 40 denier stockings begins to become closer and more heat. Therefore, you must for winter use go for socks with minimum 40 denier. The higher denier the closer and more heat.
The perfect stocking for winter use when your tights also seriously must keep the cold from the body.

This is a synthetic fiber that is very elastic. In other words, the material is spandex, which get your pantyhose to give them when you take them on and after causing them to pull themselves together so they sit close to your leg. Contents of elastane varies from sock to sock. The more, the more elastic is your spandex stockings. My pantyhose typically contains between 7 and 15% elastane. It is important that your stockings gives himself. Otherwise you will get what I call the balloon stockings. It is pantyhose that does not pull together when you take them of and therefore sits and bag on the legs, the next time you take them on, like a balloon, which become limp, after it has been inflated.
Spandex can also be referred to as under brand names such as Lycra, Spandex and Dorlastan.

Step wedge: A step wedge provides better comfort, when you have the stockings on, because it gives extra space between the legs. Chalk the wedge is usually made of the same material as the stockings. But it can also be in cotton, making stockings extra delicious to wear, because your lower parts better can breath through the cotton.
Panel: A panel wedge wedge is a piece of extra sock, there is will be sewn into the stream’s upper part. It provides maps and good more space to your stomach and ensures a better fit. Panel wedge is typically inserted into the larger sizes of pantyhose, so there is room for both belly and ass, without them being sandwiched on an obnoxious way.

You should mainly pay attention to the toe of the sock, if you need shoes with open toe. There is simply no toe pantyhose, so you can show the toes. You can also go for socks with invisible toe so that stockings are a little more discreet in skoåbningen. Invisible toe means that the toe of the sock has the same thickness as the rest of the sock. Thus, it is also more fragile. You can also look for stockings without stitching in the toe. They are sometimes called sandal toe. Can you not find stockings without sewing, you can gently pull the stitching down under the foot so that it cannot be seen in the shoes.
Socks with reinforced toes are obviously more durable than stockings without. They are good in the winter when you go with boots. The reinforced toe makes a mask, which runs on the toe, do not spread to the rest of the sock.

A.r.m. stockings

Thick stockings gives you thin legs