Kimono-battle: open or closed?

When Ha and Momme goes to the feast of kimono, do they do it on their own way. HA lets her be left open, so that it sends her thoughts in the direction of an evening in 20 ‘ s Shanghai. Momme closes the so that her bosom strutter – there is the convicted party. Are you the one or the other — or perhaps both and …

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bodice that accentuates the forms
For the party I will use the closed when kimono on the way highlights my forms and especially my bosom, who like to do s, now that’s a party in the street.
Belt not just highlights my waist and my bosom. It also provides a nice V-neckline, kimono that makes me appear taller, which one should not sneeze at, when you only have 163 cm tall. Here I have a belt on, but there are no more substance in kimono, than that you can easily use it with a narrow belt instead. By closing the kimono comes there also more focus on the beautiful sleeves-seems I.

Classic and elegant
Here I have chosen to put a kimono with a few quite classic black, wide pants. It is a pair of pants, as I often seem to make them look a little dull and konede out, but with the kimono comes set overall to look understated and elegant.
The danger of this set is that it might look a little pyjamasagtigt out. Therefore, you can choose to break the simple lines with great jewelry and a coloured bag.

a singular shape
For the party I will use the open as it provides the opportunity really to flaunt – especially on the dance floor. I think it is the best way to see the very peculiar kimono shape on. The challenge of the open kimono is of course easy to spot – you and your character is in danger of drowning in fabrics and sleeves. My solution is, therefore, to combine the open kimono with a tight-fitting skirt – and to stop the top down in the skirt. Try to imagine that the top had been sitting on the outside of the skirt, or that I’d had an A-shaped skirt on … I had compared a real villa tent in Lady shape!

Shanghai of the 1920s
My festsæt here consists of a pencil skirt in silk and wool in Navy Blue, black, and Mica, a simple white top, shiny high heels and a pair of shimmering earrings. With kimono over and a few dark red lips, I have created a look that reminds me of 1920s Shanghai – or as I imagine it was. I could easily imagine that supplementing with a sharp, curved eyeliner and a clutch of Oriental patterned silk – in deep jewel tones, underlining the exotic aspect of my outfit.

Kimono, up to size 52, 199 DKK, VRS Jackie at the grocery store – in stores now

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