Kitchen with Barbecue: Check out Ideas and Amazing Models

Create an environment within your home gourmet betting in building a barbecue in the kitchen.

Kitchen with Barbecue: Check out Ideas and Amazing Models

Want to stay on top of the trend of kitchen with barbecue integrated? So keep watching.

We brought some tips especially for you who are interested in decoration and cozy space that search in the kitchen to receive friends and family. After all, a good barbecue brings people together and it’s success at parties. Check out.

Kitchen ideas with barbecue


Discreet and well located, a grill was built to stand next to the dinner table.

It was done all in marble and with impeccable finish, fully coordinated with the rest of the kitchen decor. Together with her, a charming little bar comes in handy. The guests can serve as experience.


An idea for relaxed and entertaining Grill is abuse of colors. Can be a tile flooring decorated or even wall stickers.

The goal is to make your barbecue area in the spotlight, that focal point that everyone hits the eye and already starting to sigh.

As you can see, barbecues are also incredible decor pieces.


The masonry details combine with the kitchen cabinets and the dining table. In addition, warm environment and make it more sophisticated.

The masonry is a pretty finish currently used for barbecue grills inside environments, especially homes and apartments. What did you think of the idea?


Let the barbecue as the highlight of your kitchen. While other items are white and clear, the grill can be rustic type.

And that’s not all. See how the chrome of the appliances appliances and contemporary grey contrasts with the heat brought by the wood tone.

Not to say that she’s not merges with the kitchen environment, received details blank, a touch clean and which combined perfectly.

Harmonized with American cuisine? Personally, I thought the idea was sensational.

Without much complication or advanced design, the barbecue was just right between classic and modern. See how you can apply more than one style of decoration to your home and kitchen.

5-Rustic Stones

In deepening even more in the style of rustic decor, we have here a hint of barbecue with asymmetric and natural stones. No special finish, only the beauty guaranteed by the chosen stones.

Note, also, that they form a colored in neutral tones and pleasing. Are soft at the same time that reveal the strong and rustic appearance.

While the cold stones, wood brings warmth to the environment. This mixture was very interesting and balanced. A charm with sophistication and look like a real home.

You imagine this kitchen with your family enjoying a nice barbecue? As it is, many parties can be unforgettable in this space so interesting.

Pendants with metallic details bring modernity and that style is super high in the moment: the industrial decor.

Get inspired with us visiting these amazing kitchens? Remove your favorite kitchen with BBQ references and start your planning!