Know Your Body Type Clothing

A new season is coming, and shops and Web shops are filled with clothing, just waiting to be purchased.
The many temptations may get the Dankort to page solved, but quick purchase without further reflection may end up being mis-selling, instead of clothes that make a difference in your wardrobe and makes you happy.

Here you will get the best tips for how you can consciously go after buying clothes that highlight your strengths instead of to make random impulse that ends up back in the community.

Know your body type
You’ve probably also clothes in your closet that you use over and over again, because it just sits perfectly and gets you to shine and straighter the back when you take it on.
Are you aware of why your favourite clothes, has the effect on you? It may very well be due to the fact that your favorittøj, is exactly the clothes that create harmony in your overall appearance, because it fits your body type and how not being aware of it, when you buy new clothes?

If you do not already know your body type so read on here where you get a review of body types and what clothes to suit these:
Guide: Find your body type

Desire vs dark
Light-colored highlights. Dark color camouflages.
The knowledge you can use to highlight it, you best like about your body and downplay it, you are less happy. Are you happy for your bossom, is bright colors perfect for your tops. Aren’t you so glad your ass, you can deliberately go for bottoms in dark colors.

And let me in this context to take this opportunity once again to dispel the myth that thick women must keep well away from strong colors. Of course, we should not it. The rule should have been invented by someone who thinks that we would rather go in a with the surroundings, because we are thick. Let me add, however, that strong color attracts attention, even more so than the bright.

Print vs solid color
Print highlights. Solid color camouflages.
You can use it quite deliberately in the same way as the bright and dark colors.
Here you can also have in mind that with a large print makes noise more than a little — for example, attracts large dots more attention than small.

Although we are moving towards colder times, V-carving is still the neckline, which does wonders for the thick body.
V-cut “opens” the upper part of your body, causing you to see smaller square out. Therefore, v-neck especially good for ladies with big breasts. V-cutout makes your neck to look further out, which helps to give your body a long vertical gradients, which also helps to create the illusion that you look taller than you really are. Here, you should be aware that a turtleneck has precisely the opposite effect, and it has the large scarf too.

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The big picture – what is it true you are missing?
Even if you have mastered the above can easily sneak faulty impulse buying with in your shopping. Do you want to try to avoid these purchases, which often end up on the list of mis-selling, that it’s a true and idea to start with to get an overview of what you truly are missing in your wardrobe. It is over parts that you can put to your collection of skirts and trousers? Or is it in fact the perfect jeans or the right skirt, to be home in the closet, so you have something new to put to your many tops?
By having an overview of what you are missing, you can buy a few parts in the season’s trend, giving new life to everything you already have in the cupboard.