Let your desire two overshadow your lack of courage

last month I jumped in my new bikini and showed the progress here on Curves Ahead — you can see here.

It spawned several comments, which was about courage. Or more accurately, lack of courage, which has also been a recurring theme in many comments on Facebook and in continuation of our articles, since we went live with.

Curves Ahead.

that I have chosen to buy my first bikini in 15 years has nothing to do with courage. In short, it is about desire. Want to go on the beach and get a little sun on my body and mind to bathe under the open sky.

My idea is that we end up talking about a lack of courage, because in the first on time has been a pleasure. A desire that, in this context, is about to do something new in relation to our attire.

it does not matter what others think
Why does a lack of courage over in relation to desire? One of my bids on this is that desire will be replaced by lack of courage because of fear of what other people will say and think, if we equip our thick bodies exactly as we now again have the desire to.

I know it. There are people out in the world, who are of the opinion that thick women are ugly, and therefore should save their Dor in loose-fitting robes. But do you know what –, in my opinion, deserve the kind of people not better than maps and good to be ignored. They’ve certainly never been allowed to put a damper on my fancy.

Therefore I have to flatly acknowledge that mounts on my desires short and well have been myself. For it was completely and utterly me, which at one point took the decision that my upper arms were ugly, and therefore in all, far too many years was hidden away under the warm cardigans in the summer sun, not because I wanted to show them in my sleeveless summer dresses.

But last year’s Liberation action of my upper arms ended up being driven by lust. Want to feel the summer breeze on my bare arms and want to show my fine summer dresses in all their glory.

What will happen if you follow your desire …
Therefore my question to you:

what will happen to your attire if you choose to focus on your pleasure instead of your lack of courage?

I can only say that I have never seen so much forward to a summer season as this year because I am indescribably much to come on the beach in my new bikini and let my summer dresses reach their full right, because they are no longer needs to be pulled with a cardigan as fixed accessories.

One step at a time
Let me add that Rome was not built in a day, and that you can easily eat an elephant, if you eat it one bite at a time.

With it, I think that if there are few and far between where you are now to live your desires filled out, then take the tour a bad

at a time.

Discover how your surroundings along the way will give you compliments for your new style, which you never thought you would hear. For there is also just that with a lack of courage, that it stands in the way of getting the compliments, you need to give your lack of courage a los in stand on the way to follow your desire – you can read more about here:

, move the borders and get compliments.