Launched the Ipad Mini, See All Details

At an event held today (October 23) in San Jose, California, top Apple leaders announced the launch of the iPad mini.

Launched the Ipad Mini, See All Details

I followed the whole presentation, via iPod.

The mini comes to challenge the makers of 7-inch tablets running Android, a slice of the market that sells more and more.

To address Google’s Nexus, Samsung Galaxy 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Chinese tablets, Apple once again recalled the strength of its brand, the reliability of its operating system (iOS6), and the thousands of applications available on the market. your store.

Larger screen

The company’s CEOs made an effort to highlight at least one important aspect in the iPad mini compared to its competitors:its 7.9-inch

According to Apple, another strength of the mini is the 10 hours of its battery life.I do not know! … manufacturers usually increase these numbers.

If this is proven, it would be 10% longer autonomy than the Google Nexus (9 hours on average).

It’s good to remember that everything depends on open applications, brightness intensity, whether you are running a video, etc.

Fewer features than the iPad 3

Much of the main features of the iPad 3 was kept in the mini:

The iOS6 system, iCloud (storage service), Siri (voice service), AirPrint (wireless printing), AirPlay (for use with AppleTV) and SmartCover.

For less, it has an A5 processor (the iPad 3 comes with an A5X) and a non-retina display.

To compensate, Apple offers a screen with IPS technology

But in the comparison of size the mini gains many points: it is 23% thinner and 53% lighter.