Learn How to Choose Bikini for the Wide Hip

In the summer, most women just think about going on vacation and enjoying the beach. It is in this period that the dilemma always arises: which bikini should I choose? For you who have a wide hip, like most Brazilians, we have some tips that can be very useful when choosing.

Learn How to Choose Bikini for the Wide Hip

For women who have the most prominent buttock, we recommend not to hide your body. It’s no shame to have a wide hip.Take your curves and enjoy the summer.

The best bikini for wide hips

If you do not feel comfortable with your curves, with GetZipCodes, the best option for the bottom of the bikini are the ones that have wider sides. To hide the wide hips, the sides should measure three to four fingers at the most.

One tip is the visor models, which feature an extra fold of fabric over the elastic of the bikini. Models with fall that are most indicated by harmonize measures.

For swimsuits, the best bet are those with a V neckline a little deeper, vertical stripes on the sides lengthen and balance their curves.Also a good choice, swimsuits that have the upper part irregular and stamped.Prefer those with a flat bottom.These give more prominence to the bust.

Details to disguise the wide hips

When choosing the color of the bikini be careful not to miss.Choose fine fabrics, more discreet textures and sober colors.

Bet on lighter colors on the top and dark on the panties. Escape the floral prints and poas. To balance the look, opt for frills, embroidery, ruffles or horizontal cutouts on the top to give volume.

For those who do not want to give up the panties with bow, it is recommended to choose with the part of the butt most closed.Pay attention when tying the side of the bikini so as not to split the hips.

What you should not use

Some of the major mistakes made by women who have a wide hip when choosing a bikini, is to cover the hip too much or to choose panties that have their thin, well-worked sides.In these cases, with a negative effect, the region you want to hide calls for more attention.

Avoid oversizing in size so you do not have a negative result and further enhance your measurements.

So, when choosing a bikini or swimsuit, keep these tips in mind and you will be able to enjoy the summer without embarrassment and discomfort.It’s these little details that make the difference at the time of choice.

But the important thing is to be satisfied with your body and not to be ashamed to show it. Having a wide hip is part of being Brazilian.Do not be ashamed of your origins.