Learn How to Choose the Right Cycling Shirt for You

With every passing day, the world of sports invests more in technology to increase athletes’ performance. In cycling, it is no different, especially in relation to clothing. The cycling jersey, for example, draws attention to its high functionality.

Learn How to Choose the Right Cycling Shirt for You

The cycling jerseys are essential to the practice of any rider in any kind of sport. According to Itypeauto.com, they have many important details and characteristics, and this should be taken into account when buying them. Keep reading to know which cycling shirt is right for you!


A very important factor in cycling shirts is their ability to control ventilation. The most technologically advanced ones have special moisture exchange fabrics(specifically on the back), but in general they must have at least zippers that help the rider control the air intake according to the weather.

If the day is cold and the temperature is cooler, the athlete can keep the zipper closed. This helps aerodynamics! But if the temperature begins to heat up, the zipper can be adjusted so that the air enters the correct size inside the jacket in order to ventilate the body.


Speaking of aerodynamics, the cycling shirt is made with the thought of reducing the effects of wind resistance while the rider pedals.

Generally, cycling shirts should be attached to the body, with a fitted sleeve and collar, avoiding the “parachute effect” when the piece inflates and impedes the performance of the athlete.


Cycling shirts should be practical and functional. They have to have pockets in the back, so the cyclist can carry their objects while practicing the sport, without the danger of things falling.

The seams create divisions, usually open and may have a zippered security pocket. These pockets are great for carrying protein bars, gel carbohydrate, tools, documents, among other objects.

Some shirts have earphone jacks, but consider the safety issue. You should be able to hear a car approaching or the call of a cyclist.

Cycling shirt materials

Cycling shirts are usually made of synthetic material such as polyamide, polyester and elastane. These tissues are most recommended for cycling because they dry quickly in case of rain, and also cause the athlete’s sweat to evaporate more quickly.

The material must be taken into account, as it will ensure the absorption of your perspiration and regulate your body temperature, which is an important protection at the time of the pedals.

Currently even cycling shirts with UV filters are being made to protect athletes from the sun. In addition, there are also shirts with material that has antimicrobial properties.

Miscellaneous models

The models vary according to the length of the sleeve, which can be short, ¾ or long. The colors are usually more vivid, so they can catch the attention of drivers, avoiding accidents.

Other things that also vary between the models are the width and the depth of the pockets as well as the opening of the zippers, which may be small or cross the entire length of the shirt.

By choosing the best cycling jersey, you gain a lot in performance, thanks to its technology and functionality for the sport. How about visiting our online store and choosing yours?