Learn How to Discover Your Country Belt Size

The belts are more than accessories in a country production, but do you know your belt size? For day to day or more special occasions, the country belt is an indispensable piece. In addition to ensuring the traditional style of the cowboy, the belt still fulfills its functional role. But for that, you need to choose a comfortable and, especially, the right size.

Learn How to Discover Your Country Belt Size

Buying over the internet might seem risky, but we’re here to help you. Since it’s not possible to prove the pieces, it’s important that you know your own size.

How to discover the ideal belt size

If you already have a belt, you can use it as standard to buy others. To measure your belt you will need a metric ribbon and a flat surface.

You will extend your belt on a table, or any straight surface, caring for it not to be folded. With the metric ribbon it will measure from the buckle to the hole you normally use. This is important to know the perfect fit.

You should only measure up to the hole you use, not the entire belt. Otherwise you will have a much larger belt than your correct belt size.

Another way to measure is by the size of the waist itself. So, if it’s your first belt, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Wear a trouser you used to wear, it should be comfortable and never quite fair. To find your belt size, use the metric ribbon around your waist.

You can compare your measurements in centimeters with the tables available on the site when you make your purchase. Remembering that they are approximate dimensions. In doubt, always opt for the numbering that is closest or slightly larger than yours.

Another interesting thing at the time of choosing your belt is to consider the width of it. Before you buy, you give a check on the size of your trousers. So you can guarantee that they will serve perfectly when you prove it. Nothing is more annoying than having a wonderful belt and not being able to use.