Learn How to Fold Underwear and Keep It Ranked

Folded underwear If you want to learn to fold easily underwear don’t miss this entry. In addition you will help stop your drawers tidy and with plenty of space.

This way of folding panties and briefs learned it in Costa Rica, is curious what can teach you travel. We were all wet and dirty clothing, and sent it to wash in the hotel. To return it, s or r p r e s, everything was so bent that we had to study how had done it.

From there, I have never stopped bending as well and it is that you can save many more parts in less space according to THERIGHTBRAS.

Nor is it more work, it is as easy as bend them your way, just do one step more than it takes nothing. Watch the video or photos and do it slowly until you have automated the process. Then you’ll see how you find it very easy.

Most of the boys are put first underpants that are caught but we have to come together or to find panties that is not marked with those pants or skirt. The problem with the way to bend traditional is that to the dig everything unfolds and becomes more chaotic drawer. In this way it is easier to maintain order and the pledge is well done as much as you move it.

Another advantage is in the travel, you put your clothes in the suitcase well bent and when you reopen it has spread throughout or, if you are careful / or and you have it in a bag, is completely disheveled. With this method, you open the suitcase and underwear still well folded.

Process photos:

If you like order in all kinds of clothes you can see the videos and the book of Marie Kondo which is a Japanese girl who has revolutionized this issue with his book the magic of the order. I leave this link to your videos:

At home already bend everything, except underwear, because more practical is as we explain here. Ultimately, remain as she says and they can be stacked, but they have additive not to lose the form even if you move it. For the record, that when we did the video I had not heard of it. But the remaining space to well folding clothes and taste that gives open a drawer and see it’s impressive ordered and have everything in sight. I HAVE EVEN EMPTY DRAWERS.

* An added trick is that in the drawers to put folded clothes as in the first drawing, especially t-shirts and things big. To open the drawer you have everything in sight. If put upside down the end pieces won’t see them and know what is not forgotten.

Right direction of clothes in the drawer

Wrong direction
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With this input, we participated in the challenge of easy tricks for home.