LED Lamp MR16 GU5 3

MR16 lamps with GU5. 3 socket-discreet spotlights for impressive light effects

The bulb type MR16 is one of the most widespread formats of lamp with socket for reflector lamps. It’s a standardized format of the American National Standards Institute. The acronym Mr. stands for multifaceted reflector and suggests that the reflector of the lamps has a faceted surface. The paragraph 16 is available for the 16-eighth-inch diameter of the lamp. two pins of the base have a distance of 5.33 mm, what the designation of the base format GU5. 3 points. The development of the PIN base lamps originally coincided with the introduction of reflector halogen lamps for small downlights and spotlights in rope and rail systems. The base format GU5. 3 is the typical format of low-voltage lamps with a voltage of 12 volts. A special feature of the MR16 halogen lamps is the type of the type designations. It includes the power in Watts and the angle at the same time.

LED MR16 bulbs

In addition to halogen lamps are above all LED lamps of the type MR16 with GU5. 3 Sockets used. Due to the technical possibilities of LED light, reflector of LED lamps is not necessarily faceted. Halogen MR16 lamps can be replaced easily in each light LED lamps, without the need to convert. The use of LED lamps is associated with an energy savings of up to 90 percent. At the same time, LED MR16 lamps are extremely durable and resistant to external influences. They develop less heat than halogen lamps and are particularly well suited for recessed lighting. LED lamps of the type MR16 with GU5. 3 connectors are widely used with services from 2.5 to 5 watts. You are in white and warm white, and available in many different colors and can produce a luminous flux output of over 400 lumens. GU5. 3 lamp holders are made from ceramic. This has the advantage that they are not so much heat, as metal versions. They are suitable for halogen and LED lamps with a wattage of up to 100 Watts. The GU5. 3-version is also suitable for lamps with connectors GX5. 3, GY5. 3 and G5. 3, according to elishui.info.