LED Lamps Accommodation: Advantages and Tips for Use

The use of LED lamps are increasingly residential in the Brazilian market.

Because it is a product with a relatively new technology, this type of lamp went through a period of adaptation to the realities of national market price.

It is true that the LED lamps are still slightly more expensive than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, however your price became much more attractive in recent years.

Nowadays, it is possible to find LED lamps accommodation at affordable prices. This makes the benefits of longer service life and reducing energy consumption to offset the high price practiced for this type of lamp.

However, you just decide to go to an electrical shop and get out of there with numerous LED bulbs, it is important to plan the use of these bulbs and know how to choose the ideal lamp for your case.

See this article tips to get you started using LED light bulbs.

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Advantages of LED lamps accommodation

First of all, it is worth highlighting what are the advantages to using LED lamps.

The first advantage when compared with incandescent and fluorescent lamps is the life.A LED lamp can have lifetime of up to 25 years. To get an idea of the advantage of the LED lamp see lifetime data below:

  • Incandescent light bulb: 1000 hours;
  • Fluorescent lamp: 10000 hours;
  • LED: up to 50000 hours.

Another important factor that leads many people to opt for LED light bulbs is the economy of electric energy. When compared with incandescent lamp efficiency LED is surprising.

An incandescent light bulb has a very low efficiency, i.e. the energy that it consumes 80% is dissipated in the form of heat and only 20% returns in luminosity. While LED bulbs arrive to convert more than 60% of the energy consumed in lighting.

The economy in power consumption with lighting can get up to 90% when incandescent lamps are replaced with LED bulbs.

Tips for use

1-Choose the lamp power:

The first point that can confuse any consumer when buying a LED bulb accommodation is the question of the lamp power.

We are all accustomed to compare the power of the lamp with the light that it can produce. What we do is choose a lightbulb stronger or weaker, basing the decision on the amount of Watt lamp has.

For the incandescent light bulb the higher the amount of Watt more luminosity. However for the LED bulbs will not work this way. For example, for an incandescent light bulb with 40 W power LED equivalent would have a consumption of only 7 w.

What determines the amount of brightness of an LED lamp is the lumen (lm). The more enlightened you want the environment to be, the greater should be the lumen of your LED lamp.

2-Choose the color of the lamp:

Another important factor is to choose the color of the LED lamps. LED bulbs have a multitude of color choices and you can adapt them according to the type of use of the environment.

Technically the color of the lamp is determined by your temperature, which is measured in degrees Kelvin. An LED lamp can have your temperature ranging from 2,700 K to 6,000 K.

Just as an indication, in environments where you want to create a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation is ideal you use the yellow light (close to 2,700 K). Now in a lot of activity, such as kitchen, Office and bathroom is interesting to adopt white color (close to 6,000 K).

To compare, a conventional incandescent bulb has a temperature ranging between 2,700 to 3,000 K K.

Not to make a mistake in choosing the correct temperature of the lamps the ideal is to develop a residential lighting design. So you do not make mistakes.

3-Check compatibility of existing installations:

Another important aspect to not err in time to change the conventional bulbs for LED light bulbs are the existing facilities.

If you are planning to build and is still in the phase of projects you will have no problems. Just indicate to the designer of electrical installations or your electrician wishes to use LED bulbs. Thus, all installations will be compatible with this type of lamp.

Now, if you want to change the lamps of a building ready it is interesting to note the conditions of compatibility.

Nowadays there are many models of LED bulbs that are compatible with the nozzles or Sockets used for incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

4 – Calculate the economy to be held:

To verify that the replacement of conventional light bulbs for LED light bulbs will be really rewarding, it’s interesting that you make a small account of how much you can save with an LED lamp.

For example, you can buy an incandescent today for only 4 real. A LED lamp compatible with this light bulb you can find easily for 50 reais.

When you compare the life of two lamps you can realize how much the LED lamp is advantageous. An incandescent of this model has a shelf life of 1000 hours, while the LED lights have a life of 25000 hours.

In other words, you need to replace the incandescent light bulb 25 times to have the same life of LED lamp. In a simple account you realize that 25 incandescent bulbs is a cost of 100 reals, which is equivalent to twice the amount invested in an incandescent.

And that doesn’t even take into account the savings in energy consumption that can reach 80% in this case.

5-planning for replacement of light bulbs to LED bulbs accommodation:

Have you noticed that the use of LED lamps accommodation requires a higher investment at first, but the return over the years is guaranteed.

But you don’t have to despair, the best way to replace your light bulbs with a good planning.

The first step is to find a store that sells LED at an affordable price. You can find physical stores or buy through the Internet.

The advantage of the physical store is the direct contact with the seller so you can get any kind of question time. The advantage of buying through the Internet is that you can get cheaper products.

The second step is no hurry in return all the bulbs at once. You can change your light bulbs as the conventional bulb burn out, or planning to return for at least a month lamp.

We all know that in a House we don’t have a single lamp. It’s one thing to buy 1 bulb for 50 reais, another is to buy once and 20 lamps for 50 reais.

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You can realize the many advantages of LED lamps. Now is to plan the return of their lamps and take advantage of the economy and quality of illumination.

If you have interest in a well-planned and custom lighting be sure to hire a residential lighting design. Or learn yourself to do this type of service, click here and see a course that will give you all the conditions for designing a good residential lighting.

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