Led Spot Has Lamp?

Now that you know the types of LED lights ideal for each type of environment , we will give you some tips on how to use the led spot and also how to make a quick and safe installation, thus ensuring the best result at the end.

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How to use?

When done correctly, the led spot gives the environment a more modern and cozy style.This is independent of the function it will perform, whether as decorative lighting, direct lighting or even indirect lighting.

In this case, the important thing is to respect the minimum spacing required (between 75 cm and 1 m) for a more harmonic effect.This measure will vary according to your project and your interest.By following this tip, you will ensure that your environment is not cumbersome and does not have too many empty spaces.

Ready to start?Come on!But turn off the power on the board first.

How to install Spot Led?

1. Mark the ceiling

In order to have a more attractive effect, we have to consider a wall spacing.Mark with a pencil a line where the LED spots will be installed, so that they are 20 to 30 cm away from the wall.

Now, with the help of a tape measure, measure the total space in which the LED spots will be.The account we will make will give us the space needed between one spot and another.The calculation is very simple:take the total space and divide by the number of LED spot that will install one more.

(Total Led Space + 1).

2. Stick the ceiling

In this step, you will use the glass saw.To be properly aligned, center the tip of the glass saw on the marking you made on the ceiling.

3. Prepare the wires

Just behind the plaster will be two wires, the neutral (blue) and the phase (return of the switch).Use pliers to remove them.That’s right, bare, not cut.

4. Connect the socket

Connect the wires of the electrical installation (neutral and phase) to the spot socket.Remember to insulate with insulation tape or a connector, whichever is easier for you.

5. Prepare the spot

Some LED spot models are already installed.However, if yours is not installed, fit the tabs on the sides of the spot.They will hold the spot in the plaster at the time of installation.

6. Mount the spot

Now just join the spot with the lamp.

7. Connect the spot

In this step, you need to hold the socket out of the hole.Then, it is only necessary to fit the pins of the lamp inside, thus fixing the spot in the installation.

8. Place the spot

It’s almost ready!Now just lift the tabs on each side and snap the spot into the hole.An important detail: do not forget to push the wires before fitting the spot.

See how simple and fast it is?However, attention and care is never too much!

It is worth remembering that the led spot is perfect for decoration and presents an amazing result.However, if your intention is a broader lighting, you must work with other types of led.Currently, there are several models with led technology, even a tubular!

We call “led bulbs” only for a common sense, but led is not a lamp itself.The technology used in the led is quite different from incandescent bulbs.This new technology specifically converts electrical energy into light within a solid crystal material.

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