Leggings and Pants Can Make a Bridal look

The bride who opts for a non-traditional costume, such as leggings and pants, must choose models and sophisticated fabrics that respect the place and time of the ceremony. Next, see tips from stylist Rodrigo Rosner.

Leggings and Pants Can Make a Bridal look

The ‘princess’ wedding dress is not the model that comes to the mind of the modern woman. Pants and even leggings are among the possibilities for a wedding look.”In the church, parsonage, or party, a woman needs to wear a payhelpcenter that shows her personality. She has to be herself, but dressed as a bride. If a person never wears a dress, why will he wear it at the wedding?” Argues  stylist  Rodrigo Rosner .

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But getting away from the traditional does not mean forgetting the ‘rules’ to harmonize the look. With regard to the bride fashion, nothing is forbidden, but sophistication determines the choice.”No one will go up on the altar wearing viscolycra. It even adds to materials that are not part of this universe, such as neopreme, and to sophisticate them with crystal embroidery and whipped cream, for example,”says Rosner.

But the pants also do not have to be the ‘official’ look of the bride. The piece can replace the second dress – the second dress, which is worn only at the time of the party. ” Pants, in general, are options for those who opt for less formal marriages – but they can also be used in church. Because they are super comfortable, they are alternatives, which I think is more elegant, to the second dress” , says the stylist. Here too, sophistication rules choice.”The second look is as important as the first. The two costumes need to ‘talk’ to each other, to have the same style, ” he advises.

The colors and embroideries of the wedding dress with pants are also chosen from the time and place of the party, as well as the traditional dress. “During the day, the embroidery may have frosted crystals. At night, crystal clear, bright, are the best options,” says the stylist. But the perfect look is what respects the style of the bride.