Lenovo Smart Watch

Tech World of Lenovo is a new technological event that the Chinese giant will try to make globally. It was launched for the first time on May 28, but the idea is to present new products, innovation, conceptual development and look to the future of the industry. Participants Lenovo and leaders of tech giants Intel, Microsoft and Baidu.

Among the numerous premieres of finished products and demonstrations of prototypes, a strange device logical cause our greatest interest. It is a clever clock, which at first glance resembles the popular Moto 360 (Motorola also is owned by Lenovo), but also has a surprising feature – extra screen called Virtual Interactive Display (VID).

It is located on one side of the body (passes to the chain), called “Magic View” and resembles a periscope (or projector). Using the “mysterious” light and optical refraction, said additional “window” creates the illusion of 20 times greater (the basic clock) virtual screen. Gyroscope (accelerometer) the clock does submit data on the position in the space to be realized in the image 360 degrees (similar to VR systems and Google Cardboard). See thereligionfaqs for lenovo smart watch.

Lenovo’s developers believe that the invention can be used for viewing maps, images and videos, and personal messages that should not be visible on the main display. There is still no decision on the actual production of bizarre dzhazhda, but the idea is to propose and test a more convenient approach to presenting information that are difficult to collect in small screens of smart watches. It remains pending issue opinions of others regarding the appearance of the user taped one eye on the clock chain.

If the description in words is not the type-supply clear idea of ​​Lenovo Magic View, you can watch a video presentation.

The prototype works with a modified version of Android (not Android Wear). The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, and the screens are controlled by graphics chip Qualcomm Adreno 306 GPU.

The images and information are from the official website for media to Lenovo.