Leopard Print Fall Trend

The leopard is great trend this season. Yet, it must be said: aesthetically, there ‘ was better. Does give in to the songs of the sirens of fashion?

As every year, autumn brings a lot of anxieties and existential questions: what-what life / is what I do in my life / did I do this year / and the
following year / is what I can do / Meanwhile, did I go to the party of JB / and by the way, how do I dress?

A bunch of puzzles that we haunt the mind… but thankfully, the back to school blues are only temporary… About life you can see God or a shrink; for your year, it seems that the guidance counselors are very well trained and for the party at JB, here, there is your best friend to advise you. ››› Photo Manoush

Remains an open question: “what should I wear? One that arises on a daily basis and who installs each morning the doubt in our tortured minds. Hard life of neat girl! Thanks Our site articles, we thought the problem solved but nay, it’s all but a done deal. The leopard trend thought to be endangered took over the service of (of the hair of the beast? HAHA) and spotted print is everywhere: trench coats, handbags, shoes, headbands, shirts, belts,… Don’t worry, you’re surrounded! Fashion requires us tastes that are sometimes hard to digest, so we what we do?Fashion leopard, should we join or “no pasaran, the leopard will not pass by me!To help you decide, here’s a little program:

  • Reasons to give
  • The reasons to resist
  • A shopping themed to let you try

To be more easily spotted. Your concern is that no one cares about you. At school when you were sick you didn’t seem to notice and you want it to stop. Dressed in leopard, it’s one way to get you know and recognize. So we tell you: «…» “but ‘the girl who has the leopard coat”. Advice: why not wear a t-shirt with your name written in big top? Y’ has to do here.

Because it’s fashionable. For Fido Dido trend: you were there. For the Converse style sneakers and neon shoelaces: you were there. For bandanas of privateers: you were there too. And cow print: you got downright paid the down jacket. To sum up you’re a real. What is fashionable becomes necessarily your mode so the leopard this season it’ll be ‘CA – no!

Because it can reused. And Yes, beyond the fact that leopard will eventually, sooner or later, become fashionable, this kind of clothes started shooting at the end of year of children shows. Last year, for “Tarzan and the p’ Lil kitties”, moms exchanged at exorbitant prices of the passes in false-fur bison… so with Leopard you risk hard making a cardboard! Other recycling possible: make a carpet (oh the beautiful deco!) or a cloth to wash the tiles.

For a laugh. In leopard? Chickpea, Ahahahah! You think that life is far too short to make the head. You don’t take you seriously and if wearing leopard can be fun, why not! Your philosophy is nice but be careful anyway: people are laughing with you or you? You don’t care? You’re right.

To accept you. You had only 6 months when, as a result of a terrible plane crash, you fell in the Bush. Animals have collected you and since then they have become your family. Today, you sympathize with Mimi-Siku, the little Indian in the city, thanks to leopard print, you fit well in your environment. Another possibility: you are the sister of Rahan more known as the Felindra, the girl who turned the heads of tigers in Fort Boyard.

Because your favorite singer Vulva. It is your Idol, your model and precisely she wears a lovely combination in glittery leopard in his latest video. As Vulva the door it becomes necessarily vulvesque (understand “to procure emergency’) and to imitate him you can run buy what look like him. I hope Vulva remains wise…

Because it’s you. Predatory wild and sexy, you like the leopard because he looks like you. Can’t you feel maybe the fawn, but claws are very sharp and your fangs scratch the floor. Attention however to not end up in a cage (you never know). Except if you like, but there is another debate.

Because it’s your favorite animal. You love also dolphins, horses, beavers and rabbits, you clothes representing each of your animals (not hesitate send a picture on the forum). Besides, babies leopards, are very cute but as your MOM did not want, you adopted sock, a tabby cat very very fierce. Meow.

To not get fired. And Yes! It is fine to say that the France is a free country, in terms of look, everyone thinks everyone and all clothing eccentricities are not accepted. So, if you’re in boarding school at the Lycée Saint Odile of the Blanche Colombe, institution for girls since 1854 and where razors and deodorants are still prohibited, the leopard look, it’s not even worth thinking about.

Because of your mono look – Michou mode ‘ON’. Your look is your pride. You swore faithfulness to a color and it is your trademark. As Michou, blue to life to death, you’re only rose, 100% black or insanely small green peas on a yellow background.In short: a girl is a little hit but which claims and the leopard as the rest, for you, this is off topic!

Out of respect for your ancestors. Family obligations sometimes intervene into the wardrobe. So when Louis de Salviniac, your grandfather did devour in full by a rabid wild animal safari, you jurors, in the family, no longer ever refer to this incident. At home, looks no animal documents, we burned The Jungle Book, we don’t eat Savannah and we wear even less leopard print – it would be a real affront.

Because it reminds you of the circus. There is sometimes a little strange injuries. You, the thing that makes you most fear is the Circus: the great capitals, clowns to the blank stare, music, children’s laughter and tropical animals. The leopard can bring back your anguish of Bozo, you avoid wearing it in print… Besides, if you changed the subject?

Out of respect for your banker. Mr Piniard, advise clients of the Bank Fortuniss told you: “MadmoiZelle, I mind perhaps what to look at me, but with your income, spending so much money in clothes, it’s really not responsible.” Being in the red, that you know, so if you’re doing it in leopard, you sign your death warrant: Goodbye blue card, Hello agios, bye-bye checkbook and ever…

For your side Brigite Bardot. The Zanimaux are your Zamis and you firmly defend their cause. You eat vegetarian (finally almost, because in the Bolognese sauce, the meat it has not), you advocate against the fur and fabric leopard, even wrong, makes you sick. The skin of animals is not a fashion accessory, nan but oh!

Because you’re already very well like that. Well Yes, it sounds… stupid (haha), but you, you didn’t need this to get love, get noticed, you do admire, in short, no need to add. You shine so much already by your beauty! By the way why don’t you you re – look a little into the ice and we leave in peace? :]

To keep your friends. You know, you talked about already: all your friends think that leopard is the ultimate in vulgarity and unless you make look it like a disguise of a little drunk girl, you have no chance to make amends.

Because with your look you friezes already illegal. In the district, all spotted you, when you go to the bakery grandmas sigh “Oh really youth that’s more what it was.” Your style: punk, Gothic, protest, demanding,… Call it what you want, the fact is that if your outfit, you add a touch of leopard, not even a small accessory, you risk to get arrested. Your look is already busy as it should and as we say point too “doesn’t take.