LFW Fall: the Makeup of the Topshop Unique!

One of the parades that drew attention on London fashion week Winter 2014 was the Topshop Unique. With many heavy pieces in shades of blue, Earth and off white the collection took as inspiration the girls ‘ boarding schools rebels Londonersas well with teenagers will change and shock the world.

LFW Fall: the Makeup of the Topshop Unique!

The idea was to do a makeup that all girls can copy and identify himself, so it looks good on Brunettes, Blondes, redheads and black fur, super democratic. The makeup was one of the things that marked this tendency, nowadays we love use eyeliner as kitten, but how about if the proposal is to reverse that order?

The makeup artist Hannah Murray decided that the eyes should be marked from the waterline with cajal brand Topshop Beauty in color Coal-the dash should be very thick and solid, no borradinhos that could be confused with a make or grunge rocker. The shadow was in shades of taupe, only to create a shadowed eyelids to call attention to the mascara indeed “clotted”.

The cheeks have gained a shade of blush above the jaw line, and illuminator up to create this effect. Finally, the lips were in shades of pink and nude–all very natural. The coolest of this make is we can see that Yes, to bet on a different makeup and still look good, at least I found that look pretty powerful!

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