LG Announces G Flex, Smartphone with 6 Inch Curve Screen

New smartphone, which has features similar to G2, has won unusual format to fit the format of the user’s face

LG Announces G Flex, Smartphone with 6 Inch Curve Screen

After weeks of rumors, the LG announced finally G Flex. The smartphone has 6 inch screen with HD resolution (720 p) and curved format, which aims to fit the user’s face when making calls. The product is equipped with 800 Snapdragon processor with four cores, 2 GB of RAM and 13 mega pixel camera.

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According to ETAIZHOU, new modern smartphone from LG features curved screen that adjusts to the shape of the face unit

The news was disclosed by LG for a statement on Monday (28). The design of the product, despite the curvature, remember the look of G2 , high-end smartphone from LG. the product features power button on the back. The two also smartphones running the same version of Android, 4.2 or Jelly Bean.

G Flex is curved in vertical form, which allows the device to adjust to the shape of the face. In addition, according to LG, the user will have a more immersive experience, similar to that offered by theaters with an IMAX screen, to watch videos on your smartphone. The format, according to the manufacturer, also improves the quality of the sound, which lies about 3 decibels loud compared to models with straight screen.

In the case of your direct competitor, the version of Galaxy Note III with curved screen, the format of the device is curved horizontally, which, according to Samsung, allows you to hold the unit in a way more comfortable. In addition to investing in mobile curves screens, both companies also recently launched TVs with curved screen.

Curved screens open possibilities for a flexible design that can eventually turn-of-the-art smartphones market by allowing mobile devices and wearable take on new forms. Despite the curved format, however, the new devices do not have flexible screens, which could allow the product to be folded, for example.

The new smartphone will hit stores in South Korea in early November. LG has not yet announced when the new smartphone will come to other countries, such as Brazil.

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