LG G3: Quickcircle Allows Command Execution and Recharge

Yesterday (21), slides on the LG G3, the new top of the line company, ended up leaking through the internet. Naturally, speculations about the technical specifications of the device were also made (see more here). And one of the things that has caught the attention of the public is the presence of what appears to be a laser on the back of the smartphone: a sensor dedicated to depth-of-field analysis will be part of the robust camera of the LG G3?

LG G3: Quickcircle Allows Command Execution and Recharge

Fact is that, due to the publication of the supposed technical characteristics of the device, LG announced on Thursday (22) a video on the accessory “QuickCircle”-alternative unprecedented to the phones of this line of the South Korean manufacturer. Published by the LG Mobile Global channel, the 50-second clip briefly introduces the features of the feature: using a circle on the front of the LG G3, users can access some of the smartphone’s main functions such as making calls, And access photos and music (the carcass of the device does not need to be removed).

Wireless Recharge And Hood With “More Style”

“The QuickCircle case allows LG G3 features to be enjoyed without the need to expose the device,” the company said in a statement posted on its own news channel. The information is a clear reference to the secondary function offered by the shield of protection. “This accessory has more style than the rectangular windows inserted in covers for smartphones,” LG says about the shape of the cutout.

The recharge via wireless is also compatible with the standard Qi interface-this feature has made the accessory an even more attractive alternative to the future owners of the LG G3. In addition to offering a particular design to users, QuickCircle should also fit the aesthetic preferences of each: the “five-color” metallic sheen, metallic gold, bright gold, aqua mint and Indian rose according to estaterealest.

“The cover was designed to provide edge protection and to offer more ease in wrapping the mobile,” explains LG. Want to know more about the apparent technical specifications of LG G3? Click here and check out the latest information about the new smartphone from the South Korean giant.