Lingerie As Fashion Item

Remember that time when we bought lingerie when “needed”? Our drawer was more basic, full of beige sets, for the day to day, nothing very interesting.

Well, that time has passed. Today the concept of fast fashion and people’s access to the internet has made everyone call in the fashion world and get more options in clothing, shoes, accessories and lingerie.

The lingerie came to be seen as a fashion item, we renew the same frequency of the clothes. In fact, with so many new features, colors and trends, the underwear went on to follow the concepts of fashion and to update.

In the summer we want light, colourful underwear, BRA, panties that don’t mark light clothes. In the winter we also want new lingerie: velvet, dark colors, bodys, croppeds for transparencies.

And if there’s anyone who directly influence our choices are the fashion bloggers. Who wouldn’t take a peek every now and then in these beautiful girls post?

I selected a few looks of them and figured they could wear underwear with them, what else combined.

Let’s see?

The Aida rocked this dress. Dug in the back, he asks an adhesive BRA, like that of Hope. The BRA appears discreetly. Of course it’s not for those who have large breasts. Miracle he didn’t do. But who even wears the number 42 can enjoy!

This silver dress Camila Coutinho (Blog stupid girls) was made for this set of Lala Rudge – or was it the other way around?

I love this race Mariah with a cropped out. The colors are different: white, green and pink, but super combined, after all, not really all combinadinho! The cropped is the perfect option for those looks.

Even short combinations not perfeitinhas when I saw this look of Renata, the Amici per Amici, I couldn’t stop thinking in this lingerie of Raspberry. Cute, isn’t it?

Lingerie doesn’t have to match the clothes, definitely, but it’s nice to be dressed up above and below. This cool with old lingerie wear, ripped, falling apart is a thing of the past!