Look Right: Taking the Winter Parts of the Wardrobe

As Brazil is a country of continental dimensions not everyone is pleased to use a winter clothing during the months of June to August, fortunately Sao Paulo is in a geographic location that allows more stations set, something like that happens in the South of the country. The best part of this is that when it’s cold season we can take our best pieces of wardrobe, because it’s cool summer, nothing compares with the cool visual of the days of low temperature. In this post we talk about 3 items that are successful in the winter, and two of them barely see sunlight for the remainder of the year.

Look Right: Taking the Winter Parts of the Wardrobe

Why does it work?

The basic look is, has your charm: a well structured knit that stands out because the lists in neutral colors, the jeans darker, but which still features a discreet and charming and wash that boot pinion color is impossible to miss. All warm and comfortable, the visual basic and modern winter.

The canvas bag in detail, but it is a good choice because it has the same vibe from the rest of the combination and also fits the color chart.


Add a scarf and a hat of felt for days of more intense cold, on politicsezine, the accessories are good weapons in winter. As the look is very practical is easy to superimpose the mesh with a navy jacket, another good way to turbo charge the combo for Midwinter.

It wouldn’t be the same if …

We replaced this knitting for something smooth, the striped pattern draws attention right away and look young for the set.

In short:

  • The cold of the South and some regions of southeastern Brazil allows heavier combinations in winter;
  • Enjoy the cold season for use your most stylish items;
  • The dark jeans is a success at this time, but he may have a discrete wash if you want;
  • Boots are the big deal of the winter, it’s impossible not to be cool with them;
  • Scarves and hats are a way to face the most severe temperatures;
  • The visual allows overlapping, invest in jackets and coats with inspiration navy;
  • Keep the look with wide stripes in contrasting core.

Additional tips:

For fat-horizontal stripes widen too much, instead try a plain sweater and dark and try to make the contrast with a scarf of course.

For short–The thick stripes are also not a good idea to you, they slice up the combo and make you look smaller, use a marine fabric and also lance resource hand scarf, after all, draws attention to your face.

For the altões-be careful with very thick-soled boots, everything you need is to gain extra centimeters. In the rest of the look is great for you.