Look:Midi Skirt By Paula Fay

This post was to have been posted last week, but in the rush of events in São Paulo, left to show you as soon as I arrived in the South.

I received two beautiful gifts of Paula Fay, Gaucho super talented stylist! As I always say here for you, I get a lot of gifts, both clothes, like makeup and everything that involves the womanhood. What I actually use and like, show here on the blog for you.

Good talk by WhatsApp and Paula asked me what I had in mind, so she would do a look unique to me. There are times I am in search of a midi skirt light pink, evasê. I took the opportunity and Paula did exactly what I had in mind!

I used this skirt in SP, in a talk that I gave there, but with another shirt. Because of the color, this skirt gives me a lot of versatility and can write very different looks using the same piece.

For those who have not seen a midi skirt, she is the one who goes up to the shins, well below the knees. This length is super high! I know a lot of people who doesn’t like, but trend promises to be in all the shop Windows.

The shirt is also a cute just because it’s all stamped with Scripture verses. I loved it!

A thousand pardons for the photos! These were taken by my sister-in-law Gabriela Simionato, that’s unprofessional, but did a great job! Thanks Gabi!

The atelier of Paula Fay is in Novo Hamburgo, but if you are not in the region, can buy the site, they have online store HERE.

Liked it? I loved this romanticism of parts!