Looks Tips For You To Feel Even More Beautiful In The Winter

We don’t need special dates to feel beautiful and not to declare our love for someone who makes your heart flutter. Who every day serve to celebrate and renew the passion, affection, love for each other and also for ourselves.

So, how about you give a new outfit, without having to leave the House? Need a hand? We made a selection of the time to help you choose the best pieces. Good taste is not going to miss. Identify your style, be surprised and storm.


You’re a woman who usually likes clothes with more neutral colors, like beige, gray, black and Navy. Prefers monochrome productions. Is a specialist in combining the pieces, creating looks impeccable. Straight cuts, as well as tailoring are always present. How about this tip here?


Delicate, gentle and careful. Such characteristics are translated in your wardrobe with pastel-colored costumes – bright colors-and subtle prints, poá and floral designs. If you also love details like ruffles and pleats. See here.


Animal print and metallic effects abound in the closet who doesn’t like to go unnoticed. Bold and seductive, invest in looks more adjusted to the body. Use black, in addition to vibrant colors, such as red, purple, green. Lace and transparencies are registered trademark of this style of woman. Keep an eye on this tip here. Has this one here too.


You’re the kind of woman who likes to be very authentic. Is seen by the people as innovative and eclectic. Unstructured looks are welcome. You’re not afraid to try. How about this? See here also another option.


Practicality is what prevails in your day to day. Dynamics, into unpretentious and comfortable costumes. You’re fun, spontaneous, like the feeling of freedom. This look is all about you. See here.

Keep an eye on the Cardigan, Cardigan fashion all year. See here.