Looks with Black Jeans, the Right Piece in Your Closet

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Looks with Black Jeans, the Right Piece in Your Closet

The jeans are present in the cabinet of most people, the most common washing is blue, but jeans are just the fabric, it can be found in many colors, including black, which also combines with various parts and occasions.

The black jeans are also a joker piece, which in addition to providing numerous combinations, is great for refining the silhouette, after all, dark colors give the impression of smaller measures.

To play fearlessly and adopt jeans in many of your looks, we’ve put together a list of some combinations that you can use to destroy. Check it:

Black jeans for day-to-day life 
Use on a simple combination of black jeans with sweaters, t-shirts or shirts (embossed or flat). For colder days, choose to wear jackets or cardigans. On the feet you can wear unkle boots and sneakers. This is a simple and beautiful combination.

Black jeans for work

A beautiful and elegant makeup to wear at work is black jeans, social shirt and heels. In order not to err, bet on the white shirt, the black and white look never goes out of style and is modern and classic at the same time.

Black jeans for walking 
To go places that do not require much elegance, but also do not combine with a very casual look, opt for a minimalist composition of black jeans, white blouse and a smooth jacket with a stronger color. To give an extra charm in the look, on the feet, use an open heel boot.

Black jeans to go out with friends 
To go out with friends, the look can be cooler and stripped down. A cool look is made up of torn black jeans, combined with a black sweatshirt that gives instant elegance to this look. On the feet you can use an unkle boot, an open boot or shoe.

Black Ballad Trousers

The jeans can be used in the ballad. Bet on black jeans with a sweater that has a more sophisticated look and night. It can have neckline shine, be single front or fairer than the ones we use on a day to day basis. On the feet, it is always nice to wear a heel, but if you want to dance without feeling uncomfortable, a sneaker is an option.

Follow these tips without fear, the black jeans is a great option to have in the wardrobe.