Low Budget Fashion Tips

I am a know surprised – on the positive way. Because when I gave myself 1500, to shop for summer clothes, first of all, I had not expected that I would get particularly far.

but when I put the beløbende together did the calculator 1303 DKK. It is without cargo, but fortunately, most places I have been shopping free shipping.

I am also Happy, because it’s managed to find it, I went after – denim dress, casual dress, shorts and blouses.

Back there only to endure the nerve-racking waiting till I can try the clothes and hopefully fit it all. I am very excited on the purchases from Violeta by Mango. I have previously purchased a single dress with them with close-fitting fit. Now I’m excited about the slightly more loose-fitting models are large in size, so they fit too snugly on me. At the same time, it is the first time I buy pants at the GAP, so it will also be interesting to learn whether they suit my forms.

I am deliberately gone after items that either can be styled in several ways or complement the clothes, I already have in the wardrobe. Therefore, I sit with the feeling that I really have gotten much clothing for money – if so it fits. I promise to give a message on sizes and fit, when I once received the vehicle.


Denim dress, up to size 52, Violeta by Mango

Casual dress, up to size up to size 3XL, Bon’a Parte

Print tops, up to size 54, 244.97 DKK, Bon’a Parte

Bouclé, up to size 52, 299 KR., Violeta




up to size 52, ca. 260 USD + shipping, GAP

Aw for me. ..
… I had been looking forward to buy the striped top from H & M, but I was too slow, and now sold out in my size. Do you use size 3XL, you can still achieve it.

Top, 129 USD + shipping, H & M +

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide