Lumia 720 Has Decent Camera and Battery

Smartphone priced under R $1000 cute and sturdy hardware that pleases, but Windows Phone 8 still owe in applications

He’s handsome, but dispenses extravagances. Is of type thin and pretty big screen-but not as big a spot of bother in the pocket of the jeans. Don’t even need to have a metal housing to look tough. And if you are after all in a smartphone with a good camera, battery that endures until the end of the day and price below R $1000, worth taking a look at Lumia 720, smartphone that runs Windows Phone 8 and is manufactured by Nokia.

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The smartphone is here to fill the gap of almost 700 reais between 620 and 820 the Lumia Lumia. In practice, you paid 200 reais more than the Lumia 620 to have half an inch more, earn 1.7 megapixel in camera and a more sober style, without capinhas. In relation to competition, he dispute space with the Galaxy S III Mini, Samsung, and Motorola Razr i,. And to compete with the iPhone 4, which is priced a little higher.

In favour:

  • Great hardware, both for building, as by design;
  • Battery that lasts more than 24 hours in moderate use;
  • 6.7 megapixel camera with cool features;
  • Light system that works without choke.


  • Low resolution (800 x 480 pixels) to the size of the screen (4.3 inches);
  • App store confused and with few options.


Let’s say he’s more to the top of the line Nokia Lumia 920 than for small 520 and 620. Your body is a unique piece of polycarbonate (a sturdy plastic), without cover in the back or removable battery.

Despite the inconvenience, is an unbeatable hardware in this category. Much better, for example, that the simplest plastic used in handsets from Samsung. And the matte style, in addition to not spread the unwanted finger marks, hide small scratches.

Another little problem: to remove the microSIM cards or microSD, you will need a needle that comes with the phone, those who push yourself in a hole for the cover jump. That is, find a space for this key in your wallet and avoid accidents. But, in what matters, the Lumia 720 goes very well: it is thin, with 9 mm thick, and very light, weighing 128 grams.


Not always the specs say the whole truth on a smartphone. And this is the case. He has 1 GHz processor with two cores, Snapdragon model S4. The combination with 512 MB of RAM, compared to what you see on smartphones with four-core chips, may seem of lesser quality, but the truth is that the performance of Lumia 720 is very good.

The explanation is simple: the Windows Phone 8 is lightweight and works without halt or slow. During our tests, the system froze once, using the maps application. But, in General, there are few games or applications capable of using the full power of a quad-core chip, whatever the system of Microsoft, forget it. Thus, a dual-core processor can handle.

However, in terms of performance, who shines even is the battery. After 25 hours of moderate use, downloading email, accessing social networks and opening two or three videos, she still pointed 15% load. Anyone who surfs the internet intensively or accesses more multimedia resources can stay away from the outlet for a whole day, without problems.


The glare, but without exaggeration, and the rounded style-LCD-which helps to increase the angle of view–are the highlights here. Honorable mention for the good sensitivity of the screen. You can even use it without taking off the gloves, but only if they are leather or some more adherent tissue that wool.

The resolution is a weak point. Not that the 800 x 480 pixels to produce a result regrettable, but you can expect more than a 4.3 inch screen. To get an idea, the resolution is the same as the Lumia, 620 with 3.8 inches. With that, the videos and images look more beautiful in the appliance with smaller screen.

However, this is not a failure only of Lumia 720. Most smartphones for sale in Brazil in that price range also bet on similar resolutions.

System and applications

Windows Phone 8 has been popularized, but old problems are still around as a multitasking feature “half-assed” and a confusing way to present notifications. But none of these issues surpasses the mess that is the app store and, of course, the lack of critical applications, like Instagram.

This leads to an obvious conclusion: If you intend to install an application in the mobile truck, forget about Windows Phone. On the other hand, for those who use email, browsing, music programs and two or three social networks, is a great option, considering the beauty of the applications and the arrangement of items.

The quality of the applications from Nokia pays off, in part, the lack of options. Here Maps, for example, is quite mature, using 3D visualization features a beautiful and practical way, despite losing to Google Maps in some features, like search by public transport.

Nokia is also interesting Music to be used as online radio. It offers a wide variety of channels divided by musical genre that can be downloaded to hear without internet connection (offline). If you like, you can download a variety of playlists with songs and artists.


Is one of the highlights of Lumia 720, because of Carl Zeiss Optics of good quality. It allows you to take pictures with a resolution of 6.7 megapixels and, with enough lighting, depicts the colors with fidelity. Another plus point is that your flash is not usually blow in the face of the photographed, even when people are close to the photographer.

The physical button on the side for the camera is very welcome, since taking photos touching the screen (and at the risk of all shake out) is not unanimity. And the front lens seems to have a wider angle in most smartphones. Result? You do not need to have an accurate technique of auto-foto to show the landscape next to your face.

Three fun applications worth mentioning. The “Nokia Glam Me” puts some cool effects in auto-fotos (good for those who like to change the profile picture on Facebook all the time); The “Picture Smart” combines the best of several clicks in a single image; and the “Cinemagrafia” creates animated GIFs.


Like all Windows Phone device, this is not a phone made for the “nuts for applications”. Much less for those looking for the customization options that only the Android can offer. If you want to spend less than R $1000 and gives more value to a round system to use e-mail, social networking and multimedia features, in addition to the Office, the Lumia 720 is a good appliance.

He has a sturdy hardware and camera that won’t let you down, generally critical points in intermediate models. If you enjoy the Microsoft System, but don’t want to spend so much on a Lumia 820 or 920, but also considers the Lumia 520 and 620 Lumia too weak, this smartphone comes up perfectly in the middle. It’s worth it.

Price : R $969
Configuration: S4 of 1 GHz Snapdragon processor with two cores, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, microSD card input, 4.3 inch LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, rear camera of megapixel and 6.7 1.3 MP front.
Dimensions: 12.7 x 6.7 x 0.9 cm
Weight: 128 g
Battery life: 30 hours stand-by/over 24 hours in conversation and internet
Items included: device, stereo headset, battery charger and USB data cable, quick guide, and needle to open entry to the operator’s chip and memory card.

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