Luxury Male Accessories!

Accessories are the peak of a person’s style. Day by day we end up getting dressed “equal” to someone, there’s no escape, but you can dare and use something different. Historically, watches and pens have been the male enhancement by definition, including, several men face these accessories as a companion to journey. A man who knows how to pick a good watch has something more in your visual via Insidewatch. Certain items that are for visual male as the earring is for a woman. And something very interesting that I’ve observed today is that for many, there is a template for every occasion-formal, informal and that of leisure.

We know that, when speaking in luxury male accessories, couldn’t help but mention the Montblanctrademark world, known for the quality of its products, among other things, by the written parts of excellence! I’m in love with the brand, when I worked at had a huge pleasure Vivara in selling the products of the Mont Blanc. This German brand, with more than 100 years, is proud to have signed many important treaties, books and even love letters, and when it comes to excellence I couldn’t pass up on younger white Limited Edition brand, in homage to Andy Warhol. With the Special Edition great characters Andy Warhol, Montblanc celebrates and honors the brand that the artist printed on art and contemporary culture with a design that reflects some of his most famous works. The personal vision of Warhol art gave rise to an unconventional approach with which he sought to eliminate any kind of consciously artistic thumbprint, and began to multiply their images with the speed of a machine.

Tell me if a Montblanc didn’t become the accessory your desire?

The high visibility of Warhol led the brand to draw a writing instrument available in fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball and aparo arising as a tribute to the emblematic works of the artist-provocative paintings, drawings, films and photographs. In this special issue, present the series “Soup Cans series of Campbell”, the famous Tomato Soup cans worked in stainless steel. The bold and relationship of mastery of Warhol with colour is also represented by the contrast between the resin and the blue orange rings on the cone. Four floral in vibrant colors are placed on the lid, in a reference to the work of Warhol’s “flowers”, in 1964. The appeal to commercialism by the artist is also intrinsic in the barcode and the dollar sign, which adorns the gold rhodium plated trim. In homage to Andy Warhol’s favorite technique – screen printing-, the clip of the writing instrument is shaped as the most important tool of this technique: the MOP. Reflecting your business focus, the Andy Warhol Special Edition Montblanc celebrates the fusion of art and handmade feather gold consumption 585 rhodium plated, finely engraved with the dollar sign Dollar Sign series, emphasizing the concern of popular culture with the consumerism.
Another of tributes is made to the Andy Warhol Foundation, with recording ©/®/TM AWF, which appears next to the signature of Warhol in the cover ring, still illustrated with the quote “Art is what you can get away with”, at the top of the lid. Pretty fancy right? Why I love the Mont Blanc, the art and the designer living together!

Look at that beautiful new design boutique in Paris, pays tribute to the special culture of writing, writing instruments made of materials such as lacquers and thin metals. Collectors can count on exclusive Montblanc customization services, such as creating custom fountain pens.

I love learning about art, a luxury only, isn’t it?