Make the Wifi Network Signal Reach Every Corner of House

The wireless internet over the WiFi network has made “miracles” in the life of modern man.Power uses your computer, smartphone, or tablet anywhere in the house – whether in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or even in the bathroom – is a great “gift” we can enjoy today that many of our ancestors never even dreamed about.However, not everything is flowers when it comes to the quality of the signal emitted by the routers.

Make the Wifi Network Signal Reach Every Corner of House

Who has WiFi at home already knows: there are always those little places where the internet simply does not arrive.And it seems to be no use appealing to anything unusual to improve the network signal.However, there are plausible solutions that really can solve – or at least lighten – the problem.Shall we go to them?

Learn how to take the WiFi signal to every corner of your home according to

1. Update your router hardware and software

If you are experiencing difficulties with your WiFi network, whether in connection or signal quality, which is weak in one location, upgrading your router software can minimize problems.This is a beat tip and one that many probably must already be bald of knowing.

However, it’s worth remembering: go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the model of your router.If so, download the update, access the device through the browser, and upgrade the firmware.For further questions, we recommend the video tutorial on setting up a wireless network.

It is important to update the hardware and software of your router.

When it comes to hardware, you need to “battle” a bit more to upgrade your device.Since many consumers receive the router – sometimes along with the modem – from the telephone company that is offering the internet service, switching the device on its own is not always an option.In these cases, it is worth calling the company and checking if there is a newer model of your equipment and how to change it.

But if the router is yours, buying a better one is not going to be a big problem.If you’re full of cash, betting on products like the D-Link’s AC3200 would be ideal.However, besides the unavailability in our country, the price may scare a little.About buying these devices, some valuable tips can be found in this article.

The monstrous AC3200 from D-Link.

2. Reposition the router

Even if the hint is hit and already seems to be “common sense,” there are some valuable new suggestions that can solve the wireless router positioning problem.One is the WiFi Solver FDTD, an Android application that helps people find the best place to put the device.

The principle of the application – of all the tips about repositioning the router – is based on the idea of ​​centralizing the device.Therefore, it is recommended to leave the equipment in an area that appears to be equidistant from all ends of the house.Think of it as if it were the center of a bubble, which will make it easier to search for the perfect spot.

3. Use signal repeaters

Everyone should have seen those devices that are plugged in and promise to solve all problems with WiFi networks. In fact, repeaters may be the solution, but only in specific cases.

By running just like a signal booster, the repeaters just retransmit what is picked up by the main router.Although they favor the quality of the transmitted network, the speed is not always satisfactory.It’s like your notebook has all the “WiFi bars” populated, but surfing the internet is slow.

DIR-505 from D-Link.

Setting it up, however, is usually not a difficult task.Simply plug it into the power outlet, plug it through a network cable (which usually accompanies the product) to a computer, access its settings and place it as a signal repeater.Data for device access is usually located on its housing.

Another solution, old but efficient, are Powerline adapters, devices that leverage the power grid to simultaneously transmit data to the power.Generally composed of two devices, one of them is connected to the router and sends the signal to the mains wires.The other, plugged into a remote socket, sends the data to the computers connected to it.

TL-WPA281KIT from TP-Link.

4. Follow the traditional tips

Some traditional but no less important tips should also be noted if you want to take the WiFi network to every corner of your home.One of them is to search for a transmission channel that is free and that favors the signal of its internet.The Wi-Fi Analyzer , for Android, can help in this regard.

Taking away interference-causing devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones, and avoiding obstacles and physical barriers are also essential to improve signal quality in your residential rooms.And do not forget to update your computer’s network adapter driver and make sure there are no smart guys stealing your WiFi connection.

Do not forget the traditional tips on WiFi network.

5. Make the gambiarras of Area 42

Area 42 lacks presentations.Watch the videos below and learn how to increase the WiFi network signal using a can of potato chips or a Pet bottle .