Makeup Tricks That You Younger Makeup

With these simple makeup tricks you cheat is a few years younger

Makeup Tricks That You Younger Makeup

So make-up is a few years younger

Pale skin and small wrinkles are no longer a problem with the right makeup. With these simple hints and tricks, conjure up youthful glow on the face and cheat secretly quite a few years away.

Moisture boost

Before you go with the makeup your skin needs a portion of moisture. The basis of every make-up should be a moisturizer, which supplies the skin well and bright fresh look. In addition, specific wrinkle filler creams with hyaluronic acid support the rejuvenation effect according to makeupnecessities.

Concealer silver bullet

To fill small wrinkles and discoloration to conceal liquid concealer is the absolute must-have. We recommend a concealer in pencil form with a brush applicator. So he spread better and not settles into the pleats. Choose a color that is a skin tone lighter than your normal complexion. Also the concealer should have a slight yellow cast because he concealed blue discoloration, such as dark circles and capillaries at most. After the moisturizer with the pen about dark circles and wrinkles and widely spread.

Use sponge

A make-up sponge is best suitable to distribute the Foundation. He distributed most thoroughly the make-up and fills small wrinkles. After each use, clean the sponge with a unparfümierten SOAP, so that no bacteria produce. What Foundation matches your skin you see here.

Stress contours

You must not use the cheekbones in scene with elaborate contouring methods. Simply apply a light blush with a Roungepinsel along the highest point of the Knoches. Go to the Extraglow in addition with a highlighter over it.

New Eyelash swing

The natural Eyelash momentum fades with age. You should counteract this effect with an eyelash curler. Before the ink, carefully shape the lashes with the pliers. Small tip for a still more effective effect: short warm the pliers before with the hair dryer.

The right mascara

At some point is not only the inertia of the eyelashes, but also the wealth. That’s why you should avoid Mascaras that promise volume. The thin eyelashes are is no longer able to support the weight of the thick volume mascaras and lose their momentum even faster. Instead, you should set to mascara, which lengthen the eyelashes.

Under the eyeshadow primer

Eye shadow like settles into wrinkles on the eyelid and looks not more evenly. That’s why you should apply primer one before applying the eyeshadow, which settles in the wrinkles and makes the eyeshadow in addition more durable. You should contact on the movable lid inside on a bright color, outside a something darker. An aperture brushes connect the two nuances. With bright eye shadow set highlights visually bigger impact the eye to make on the top eyelid under the eyebrow.

Correctly applied eye shadow:

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