Male T-shirts Oversized: Tips on How to Use Them

The ideal length of a traditional shirt is between the first and the second third of your hip, this also goes for a casual shirt, because it allows the look delimit the beginning of your legs, scaling correctly your silhouette, after all the brain needs these reference points. In the case of oversized t-shirts, also known as t-shirts “longtail” or “longline”, the danger of the shortening of the leg seems obvious.

Since always the Male Channel was keen to make it clear that some parts should not be longer than necessary in order to benefit the silhouette, with that in mind it would be incorrect to use an oversized t-shirt? Well, we can say that kind of trend is directed to those who do not give much importance to look shorter, taller, fatter or thinner, he is the “early-adopter” of sets, namely: is new and is booming, so he will wear, even knowing that in a few months the clothes can become obsolete. I could write a huge text about the buying habits of this type of consumer sets so common nowadays, but it will be for another post, our focus here is another.

Male T-Shirts Oversized-Lengths And Features

Theoretically it is quite longer than a common t-shirt, but the brands identified that not everyone is at ease using a sweater that comes up to the knees, all the guy wants is a differentiated t-shirt to give a modernized the look, then you will find 3 sizes: one of them (the picture above, left) comes almost to the end of the hip Another thoroughly covers your hip (photo, Centre) and the third reaches half of the thigh (photo, right).

The sleeves can also vary, there are models in that they are fair, in others more wide and long. The end of the shirt can be straight, baulado (photo, Centre) or longtail, with the back slightly longer according to FASHIONRULING.

The design goes from basic to the white with pockets full, print, sports and those that simulate an overlap of t-shirts, but it is good to remember that these cut the silhouette that is crazy!

How To Use Oversized Men’s T-Shirts

If you enjoyed the visual stretched from the longline t-shirts can take some steps to do not look like that your legs have only 2 feet in length:

  1. Baggy pants too much will leave the visual years 90 and shorten even more legs, prefer the slim fit. On the other hand, exaggeratedly skinny pants are like tights pantyhose and you might not want this;
  2. The shoes can be barrel downto, again, don’t cut the silhouette, and work even better if they are in a tone similar to the pants.
  3. Remember that the piece is done like this to be used on the outside of the pants, so do not put all that fabric inside, he’s going to be weird embolado;
  4. You can override the shirt, but the jacket or shirt has to be casual and advanced, otherwise you look like you’re completely lost with the play;
  5. Many shirts of this kind also has longer sleeves, fold them is a way of sounding like strippedand don’t shorten the arms;
  6. Details at breast heightas prints, raglan type sleeves, buttons and pockets are a good way to draw attention to your face;
  7. Tie a shirt waisthelps break the visual stretched too much, leaving the visual bereaved;

Here are some examples of models and looks with the oversized t-shirt:

Male T-Shirts Oversized-Contraindications

Doesn’t favor the chubs (sounds like my belly ends at the knee), in fact it doesn’t speak or who has a slight beer belly, because she’s so loose at the time of the abdomen, scoring over the body;

Also doesn’t favor the short, since the silhouette slice, shortens the leg and gives a strange dimension to the back, stretching it too much;

It’s not a good choice for work, unless you have any occupation where the staff is well gone astray with the dress code;

As is already being exploited for some stations, but only now reached the mainstream market, it may not last long as trend and fall quickly into oblivion;

Has a very limited amount of combinations, don’t you go very well with tailoring and other items more tidy.

Just got a personal request, if you are using one of these shirts, so…

I don’t know for what reason in Instagram has a few dozen people using exactly this combination or something very close. That’s not fashion, fashion is not to dress like everyone else, thinking you’re getting dressed differently, show that you’re a guy who knows the paranauês and make a really unique look.