Maternity Costumes Review

Elegant and comfortable with the belly of the sea: tips and suggestions to choose the most suitable costumes.

If costume itself is a garment that often undermines even those who have a perfect body, let alone such reactions can trigger in a woman weighed down by a pregnancy. It may be true that during the fateful nine months you become more beautiful, but it is equally undeniable that some flaws inevitably come to light, even for the most fit women. Not only for the bulky belly, but also for the breast that leavens exponentially in the majority of pregnant. Not to mention the hips widen and legs that swell.

So what better remedy than to choose a costume suitable to the new state? Also why use those previous summer is an almost impossible. Fortunately, there are several solutions to make the perfect summer even with the belly: in addition to classic swimsuits and bikin, however, with the slip extendable thanks to internal studs, for the most adamant, for some years came between choices mothers-revolutionaries also pregnancy tankini.

The Tankini

Its appearance in the fashion of sea costumes dating back to 2006, when it was launched by the American designer Anne Cole, gracing the catwalks and magazine covers of the most famous. Immediately it was rebuked by top designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and others. But what is it? Tankini, for those who do not yet know, is made up of a top that covers the belly and a low rise panties. then combines the security and simplicity of the piece swimsuit bikini with practicality. Given the huge success of the first units, they are also immediately created ad hoc models for pregnant women, with the top in empire building very suitable for a belly destined to rise. But there are also versions which have the piece of the above with a small veil or cloth that covers the belly, and that in certain cases can be taken away.

The swimsuit

Obviously the classic swimsuits are an option especially suited for the expectant mother. They are ideal for those who want to protect the belly from the sun without risk of burns. Although – and who has the belly knows – may be uncomfortable when you have physiological urgencies …

And to not neglect the business side, many costumes designed for pregnant women are also designed to last the next summer, when his mother will breastfeed. In particular, the models for breastfeeding are provided with the pocket for the cup pads, or have a bra with removable straps: that way you can find out the affected area to breastfeed safely even on the beach.

Fortunately, the choice is really wide and is between traditional stores which specialize in maternity wear as Chicco and Prenatal, the most fashionable as Calzedonia, Zara or H & M, to get the most sports like those of Decathlon. And online you can find attractive offers: more and more, in fact, sites dedicated to expectant mothers who are looking to combine attractive offers with very competitive prices. Kiabi, Bon Prix, Sweet Mommy, Mommy Fashion, Zalando, to name a few. Of Mom Fashion, for example, it is also the brand “Les Ultraviolettes” which is the most innovative product of the whole supply, because the tissues do not pass ultraviolet rays. And for expectant moms who already have a child there is the option to purchase the same costume, thanks to the line for mothers and daughters. Including color, patterns or the classic and timeless black, you’ll be spoiled for choice.