Meet my new ‘ guy-friend ‘

it may well be that this year i have thrown myself overprint to a degree that has never been seen before. And that I also have promoted hofteholderen as the ultimate feminine in my wardrobe. But if there is a style, I’ve always loved, so is it mens style. I love that the call on the same-colored – in black, dark blue, white and gray. And then it’s a look that I think works really well for those days when I am a little in ‘ save mood ‘ – for the days I can easily have, although I’m Curves Ahead-Lady and a fan of just over arms and belts and pencilskirts. If I’m lucky, I hit such a day on a date, which I still need to work at home, but it is, of course, not always, I am so lucky.

the days are mens look my rescue. And my brand new uldfrakke (the arrived cargo from Gap on Tuesday) is absolutely perfect for this look. His coat is in a super delicious uldkvalitet and have it completely right, slightly masculine cut; oversized, with dropped shoulders ‘ and ‘ discrete pockets. It was love at first look, and so last Sunday was a 20% discount on gap’s European site (free delivery over 50 euro and zero customs, etc.), I pitched to. Let me just take this opportunity to really pay tribute to DHL, who delivered the package. Ordered Sunday, and already on Monday evening, I received an sms stating that the package would be delivered the next day. I knew I was not at home, so I replied to the sms ’ one with a power of Attorney that they could put the package under the garden table in the front yard. Tuesday morning I received another text message that the package was out for delivery. When I got home in the afternoon, had it delivered. Two 24-hour. Thank you.

first of all I would like to use his coat to the look you see on the picture here – with Capri pants, loafers and a white shirt, emphasizing men’s look. Not to fade away completely, I run, of course, red lipstick. But I can also imagine that his coat a little boarding school inspired look – with a knee-length a-line skirt, tight stockings, a knit cardigan and my riding boots.

Uldfrakke, up to size 52, ca. 930 KR.,


Uldfrakke up to size 52, 1299 DKK, Violeta by Mango

Coat, up to size 56, about 1025 DKK + shipping (on sale right now), Talbots

Uldfrakke with kashmir, up to size 56, approx. 1130 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

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