Meet Ten Good Headphones That Cost Less Than $ 100

Headphones are essential accessories for anyone who owns smartphones, tablets, computers or any portable device.If you are looking for a handset, but do not want to spend a lot, know that there are models with good quality for up to $ 100. In this price range you can find accessories from famous brands such as Philips, Sony, Audio Technica and JBL.

Meet Ten Good Headphones That Cost Less Than $ 100

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We have prepared a list with the ten best headphones available for purchase in Brazil for up to $ 100. In the selection you will find different types such as intra headset, over ear and gamer.Check out the templates and see one that fits your budget.

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100RD

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One of the Audio Technica’s input models, the ATH-CLR100RD is an in-ear headset for anyone who wants to start testing products from one of the most recognized audiophile brands.The handset has 20-25,000 Hz of response frequency, 103 dB of sensitivity and 16 ohms of impedance.The price is around R $ 70.


Sony’s intermediate in-ear model has the main feature of its construction.It has a gold-plated connector, as well as a built-in microphone in the cable, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a handset.The accessory also features a higher response frequency of 8-22,000Hz, 100dB of sensitivity and 16 ohms of impedance.It can be found around R $ 70.

JBL T100

This in-ear headphone from the JBL promises good sound insulation as well as thicker bass.It can be found around R $ 80, the model, which has built-in microphone, has 20-22,000 Hz of frequency of response, 100 db of sensitivity and 16 ohms of impedance.

Philips SHP 2500

One of the most successful models of Philips, the SHP 2500 has as its main feature beyond comfort, the length of the cable with 6m.The Over Ear accessory – which surrounds the entire ear – has shells lined with fabric, 15-22,000 Hz response frequency, 100 dB sensitivity and 32 ohms impedance.It can be found around $ 80.

PCYes Hawk

PCyes is a new brand that tries to excel in the peripheral market.The Hawk headset gamer is one of the good bets of the company and has the advantage of detachable microphone.The model features stereo 2.0 sound, volume control and 2.3 meter cable.The phone also has 30-18,000 Hz of response frequency, 103 dB of sensitivity and 32 ohms of impedance.Its price is around $ 90.

Sony MDR-ZX110

For those looking for a supra-headset model – that sits above the ear without completely wrapping it – the Sony MDR-ZX110 is one of the best options.The handset features prominent powerful bass and foldable design.It costs around $ 70, has 1.2 m cable, 12-22,000 Hz frequency response, 98 db of sensitivity and 24 ohms of impedance.

Philips SHL3060WT

Philips supra headset features foldable, compact design, ideal for storing in bags.It has padded shells, 1.2 m cable and 32 mm drivers.The model features 10-22,000 Hz of response frequency, 106 dB of sensitivity and 24 ohms of impedance.It can be found around R $ 70.

Press PH147

The Pulse model features detachable cable and hadsfree function, which allows you to answer calls by pressing a button on the microphone.The handset features 40 mm drives, adjustable design and a 1.2 m cable.The model can be found for about $ 90.

Skullcandy S5URFZ

The Skullcandy accessory has as its main attribute its almost imperceptible weight, which promises not to bother after long hours of use.The handset features 40mm drives, gold plated connector, 20-20,000 Hz frequency response, 32 ohms impedance and 99 db of sensitivity.The price is around R $ 90.

Knup Sport

Ideal for anyone who wants a wireless headset for sports, Knup is one of the few Bluetooth headset models that can be found under $ 100. The accessory has up to 4 hours of use, works up to 10 meters paired smartphone and allows you to answer calls.

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