Melissa Mccarthy Golden Globe Awards

So, what are you wearing? The most asked questions on the red carpet when Hollywood goes into what they call ‘ award season ‘ – time from now until the end of the Oscars. In 99 out of 100 times the answer to one or other known designer. But last night, when there were Golden Globe Awards, told Melissa McCarthy, that she herself had put her outfit together by things she already had hanging in the closet:
“It’s kind of a spare parts-outfit from my wardrobe. I like such a strange project. And Yes, it is a little strange, but I am happy with the result, ” she said. And dress experts agreed – and it is we here at Curves Ahead also.

The diagonal taljeskæring pulls the eye upward, and together with the long bow gets it her look taller. At the same time camouflages the tilted layers of the skirt her belly party, while pufærmerne creates balance between the upper and lower body. A true winner, gets a star, which until now has had its struggles, when she needed a fabulous dress for the red carpet. You can read more about it right here:

Melissa McCarthy: A great success in Hollywood

We are also excited about Melissa McCarthy’s hairstyle and makeup from last night. The fine tint in your hair clothes her pale complexion so beautifully, while the low Knoll, which is set to the page gives a little flamenco-latin-like look. The simple makeup creates focus on her delicate lips and beautiful eyes. We like!