Memories of a Man in Pajamas

Memories of a man in pajamas owned by TVE, based on the graphic novel of Paco Roca and directed by Carlos Fernández de Vigo, has been selected by the International Animated Film Festival of Annecy to participate in the showcase “Goes to Cannes ‘ within the Marché du Film in Cannes. It is the only Spanish film among the selected 5. The first images of the film will be presented in Cannes on May 19.

Raúl Arévalo and María Castro give life to Paco and Goldfinch, the characters in this romantic comedy from animation, which has its prologue and its epilogue in real image. Memories of a man in pajamas It is about men and women of today and on the relationships, increasingly dysfunctional and far removed from the conventional patterns. A realistic view of what it means to be couple or single to today and a phenomenon increasingly last longer: the post-adolescencia and the world friends, singles, married, separated, etc.

In the words of its director: “One of the exciting challenges of memories of a man in pajamas, is the fusion of real image with 2D animation. Starting with a proposal for a coherent script and actors of the talent of Raúl Arévalo and María Castro seeking to translate this merger in a tribute to the creators of the graphic novel”.

Sign the writer Diana López Varela, Paco Roca and Angel of the cross, the last two winners of the Goya Award for best adapted screenplay by wrinkles according to COUNTESSSLEEPWEAR.

Memories of a man in pajamas is the story of Paco, a hardened Bachelor unusual, getting your child sleep in the fullness of his life: work from home and in pajamas. But when it was believed to have found the acme of happiness, he bursts into his life Goldfinch, the girl that falls in love and you will have to fight to stay next to a man whose ultimate life goal is to stay home in pajamas. It is also the story of singles and couples, friends of both, with their amusing anecdotes influence in their lives and their relationship.