Men’s Belts: Tips on How to Choose and Use

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Men's Belts: Tips on How to Choose and Use

Choose and use seat belts is one of those crucial tests to define the fashion sense of a man. Is a simple task that, if done properly, you value your clothing choice, while can attest that you understand very little about how to dress, if made of bad way.

Fortunately, the basic rules for choosing and using safety belts are simple, and are based on the most basic fundamentals of fashion. Check out how to set time to use belts, and never be insecure about them:

Belt length

Once stretched around the waist, a belt must have enough leather left to pass, at least for your bow (if you have one) or the first clamp the pants after passing through the buckle.

There are no problems in your longer than that, as long as it’s not overdone. Beyond the belt buckle and reach almost to the shores of person are obviously overly large.

Belt buckle

According to TheScienceTutor, the higher your belt buckle, less formal it is – this is the basic rule. Formal belts must be buckled small, discreet and not too different from the width of the belt itself. Buckles large and flashy are more reserved for casual belts, that express the style of the person on a daily basis.

If you use some kind of adornment in your costume-cufflinks, tie clip or something – ideally, the color of these adornments are of the same type as the belt buckle (all in silver, gold, black, etc.).

Obviously, rings — in particular, the wedding – need not be combining with the buckle (otherwise, every married man could only use buckles in gold).

Casual belts-used with non-suit pants – can express your fashion style you prefer, since destoem not the clothes that you are using. It doesn’t seem reasonable, for example, that you use a fully hip-hop and a big buckle with rural motifs, cowboy style.

Belt color

With regard to formal attire, the rule for the color of the belts is simple: should match leather leather. Whenever you use more than one piece of leather, the color of them should combine – even if you’re dressed in casually.

Brown shoes must be accompanied of Brown belt. Black and shiny belts must be accompanied by a very well-polished shoe. Shoes dull, matte belt – this is the simple logic that makes you not miss the most basic rule of the use of the belt.

If you like more exotic leathers such as rare animals skins, remember that – unless they are in muted colors and are accompanied by a shoe of the same type-they must be used in a casual way. They usually complement each visual optimally informal, but they are not always suitable for formal attire.

Care to buy the belt

Belts that seem identical may have different prices and there’s a reason for that: quality and durability. However, it is possible to find good belts for affordable prices. Ask the seller what type of leather used in the belt.

There’s great belts for good prices made of calf leather. They must be reasonably soft to the touch of the hand. Fold the belt to see if the material is not instantly cracked or brittle. If the belt is no longer in good condition. A good leather is durable and flexible.

Pay attention to the finishing of the belt. Good seat belts don’t fail in court, nor in the finishes and the buckle clasp. Make sure that the buckle is resistant and is in good condition-you certainly don’t want her to break while you’re holding your pants!