Men’s Chains: Meet the Models and How to Use Them

The chains have won the male increasingly visual. Today the options go beyond that thin, gold chain and a crucifix, some familiar, that many men wear underneath the shirt. The models are more varied, more thick, with different materials and with more variations of size for use with any type of clothing.

Men's Chains: Meet the Models and How to Use Them

Check out the guide that we have prepared for you to choose which best suits your style and not err in visual.

Thick Chains

This type of attachment became popular on the necks of American singers like Kanye West, Jay-z and even Justin Bieber. Some can even twist the nose for this current model, but they look great with a cool look, as a basic t-shirt, neutral color, black, white or grey, wider trousers and boots, boot style. Just use more than one, the hint is that they are of different sizes and colors.

Men's Chains Meet the Models and How to Use Them 1

Thin Chains

One thing is certain about this model of attachment: Unlike the thick chains, which may be lower, following the collar of the shirt, the thinner, either silver or gold, need to be more long not to be so delicate. They can also be used in with t-shirts, that need not be so basic and can be a pendant or a plate.

Leather Chains

Men's Chains Meet the Models and How to Use Them 2

Bold and more masculine, leather chains have gained more and more space. They are even more beautiful with a pendant of another material, generally heavier, as silver. They also tend to be longer, as the finest chains. The smallest can make a “Choker” that is not so nice. Can be combined with shirts, but shirts that aren’t so formal, like the jeans or plaids. They complete any more cool and unpretentious.

Men's Chains Meet the Models and How to Use Them 3

Our final tip is to not overdo it. If you prefer thicker chains and if you are not a rapper, try to balance the other accessories such as a hat, bracelets and watch. This current model looks great with t-shirt, then, prefer the thinner models and long. In the case of a classic look, use a thinner stream valley, and under the shirt, but nothing to leave many open buttons, huh? On these occasions, prefer discretion.