Men’s Social Blouse: Fashion Tips

For many men the concept of fashion comes down to jeans, T-shirt and sneakers or social pants, social shirt, suit and tie.  But with the constant evolution in the world of fashion, the masculine universe ends up gaining space in the catwalks and showcases of the stores, bringing more options of colors, fabrics, models and textures.

Men's Social Blouse: Fashion Tips

The pants are still basic pieces in the closet, but the social shirts and blouses have undergone transformations that take into account not only the type of body of each man but also his style and personality. Learn how to choose modern social blouses for the work environment. With just a few tips the basic pieces become special and move from the office to the bar without losing class and elegance.

The social shirts with sleeve size 3/4 are a trend of fashion of the beginning of the century and apparently made the head of men. The more stripped style in fabrics glued to the body values ​​the trunk and shapes the silhouette highlighting the width of the shoulders. It is important to choose the right size so that the buttons do not open or cause the piece to appear taut on the body. The details in another color in the sleeves fold complements the style. The modern colors bring shades of moss green, burgundy, black, gray and pink, contrary to the old rule of white, beige and blue colors with small prints.

The black shirt is a great option to keep the air of seriousness at work and give a sensual touch out of it. The combination of straight-cut social trousers in beige and gray tones is perfect for creating personality in the visual, and the choice of black pants is a wild choice for any situation. The total masculine black look is not very common, but just as in the feminine costumes it translates simplicity and sophistication. To make the look more attractive use belt and shoes with shades that can create a contrast like brown, beige and gray.

The traditional printed shirts have gained new colors and washings for all tastes, from the most sober tones to conservative men to irreverent colors to the most entertaining and dashing men. The combination of prints and different colors can also be used at work since combined with straight and simple pants, with dark colors and very good sense. For casual occasions the look can be combined with jeans.